Tuesday, November 29, 2005

They can't stand good news

The MSM editors are not happy. They are surely grumpy that there is any good news that can in any way be linked to the Bush Administration. While they did their best to lie about the post Thanksgiving holiday shopping results when another good financial story follows so closely it's hard for them to continue the negativity. But don't worry, few are making this good Consumer Confidence news a top story and many will manage to add negativity in moronic fashion. Take CNN for example. They report the good new home sales news, but then add "Most real estate economists have said that those readings all suggest the housing market has peaked", really which experts? Are they the experts who have been saying this for the last 2-3 years? Or "There were some signs of cooling in new home prices in the report." but then they site that in the West and Northeast (which probably is about half the total market) are up 40%, the South (in spite of hurricanes) was up 1.9%, and only the Midwest had a drop of 9.5%. Then CNN uses the famous "some" when they say "Some question whether the latest report isn't either an anomaly or even an example of sampling error." These are the same "some" who just can't stand that there is good news, they desperately want news under a Republican administration to be bad to the point of disbelief...good god, America hater's just leave the country would you!

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