Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cool Xmas gift #2 & #3

While I'm not a "gamer" I did recently buy a large HDTV and like most who have done so I crave more high def content. Both MSFT's new Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 will bring to HDTV what are already pretty amazing graphics and animation. The Xbox 360 is out now, in the $400 range if you can find one that isn't bundled with games. And I say buy one! I also say buy the PS3 when is available here which is likely March 2006, it's only money! I say give the Xbox 360 to your kid or friend when you get the PS3, the reason...I want the Sony to blow away the Xbox in the market. Turns out this is likely since, unbeknownst to me and likely you, Sony has one the war so far with 90 million PlayStations sold since its introduction versus 25 million for the Xbox. But the real reason I want Sony to win is I want to see HD DVD's on the market sooner and not later. Its Betamax vs. VHS all over again! Sony developed an HD DVD standard called Blu-ray and they put a Blu-ray player in the PS3. The first stand alone Sony Blu-ray DVD players are said to retail for $1k or more so given the PS3 will be about $350 your getting a HD DVD player for free. I predict Sony, whose scars from loosing the Betamax battle still linger, lower the PS2 price to the $100 range so as to keep some buyers from buying the Xbox 360 now. They have already said they will sell the PS3 at a loss just for the purpose of getting millions of Blu-ray players in the market so that movie studios are compelled to produce HD content in that format. I hope they win, not because I love Sony, but because they can drive high def DVD content into the market faster than the rival standard called HD-DVD.

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