Friday, October 01, 2004

Pre or Post 9/11 Mentality? You Decide!

The debate last night was interesting to watch. I think there was no clear winner. The partisan media and pundits on both sides are, of course, saying their guy won. Terry McAuliffe even did a monster pre-debate email on how all the sheep should go to every news website and vote in the online polls, call talk radio, blah, I'm sure the sheep are being sheep. I thought both candidates did better than I thought they would. The only thing that was clear (and not much to me is clear about Flipper) is that one is stuck in a Sep 10 mentality and the other in the very different world of post 9/11. You just need to decide which of those makes sense for a safer world.

Kerry will disarm us, look for international approval for any important move and while insulting world leaders and our military somehow get them to do things that Bush couldn't...SURE!


I know its easy for us to arm chair quarterback, especially in hindsight, how Bush could have responded either to questions or in rebuttal to OrangeBoy. And I would agree if he could responded at all or more strongly to some of the more ridiculous things Floppy said he could have ended the race entirely. But I take some solace in the fact that some of the better responses Bush could have used that friends have sent me I could see Bush saying, meaning that he would believe them. Oh outstanding response I WISH Bush had used that a friend provided is:

This is a race for the President of the US, NOT for the Presidency of the UN. I am here to do everything I can to protect the US – not to just make the UN happy. We did that before and it gave us 9/11, the Cole bombing, the first attack on the WTC.

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