Friday, October 22, 2004

Bush Hater Profile!

For a profile look here! Ok, I realize that's a silly generalization but it scary that people have become so vehemently anti the point of thinking he's evil. Why is it so scary? Because they can vote!

Too many young people do no homework at all on important issues. They get what they think is the definitive story from MTV, musicians, actors and Rolling Stone articles. They believe that entertainment sources have some enlightened and unbiased positions on things outside of entertainment. They think Sean Penn saw the real Iraq. They think a CEO of Fortune 500 company screwed a bunch of little people to make his millions and yet the wonderful great role model millionaire NBA players or rap artists earned every dime. They believe Michael Moore disseminates facts. They believe Bush actually knew Saddam had no WMD's left in Iraq even though half a dozen foreign country intelligence agencies along with our own (and Kerry) believed he did. They believe if you can think up a conspiracy then one likely exists. They think others around the world liking us is more important than nearly anything else. They think the UN is a wonderful honest collection of altruistic people. They believe in freedom of speech unless the word "god" is involved. They have selective hearing and site and will not recognize anything that is in conflict with their beliefs.

I in fact believe the number of young people who fit these descriptions is large....and I'm sure some who are no longer young would actually fit this profile as is overwhelmingly scary to have a person in power these head in the sand people would vote for.

UPDATE: I have never heard of this group, California College Republicans, but it's nice to see some college age kids that don't fit my fearful profile. The CCR has an interesting press release and protest of MTV planned because of their claim that MTV has participated in the blatant military draft lie spread to scare young adults into voting for Kerry. Also interesting that the Chairman of the CCR is a student at the Peoples Republic of Berkeley!...maybe there's hope after all!

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