Thursday, October 07, 2004

You want to talk denial?

I'm amazed at the apparent lack of awareness by those who buy the misleading rhetoric that spews from the Kerry camp daily. This recent bit of sleazy lawyer speak from Edwards is a perfect example of desperation when your record is weak and substance is lacking. Edwards on Wednesday was in Palm Beach and gave an audience of supporters pearls like: "completely out of touch with reality'' and "They're in denial. They're in denial about everything."

Is this the "the other guy is mental" campaign? I guess these ridiculous statements go hand in hand with the Kedwards mantra of "we will do everything better". But seriously, how much of the general public buys that everything (economy, healthcare, security, education, etc.) is screwed up? Could everything be better? Sure, you bet...every single thing in my life can be better! But to listen to Kedwards there isn't a single thing that is at all good, or fine, or just ok. I was going to say Kedwards is in denial of all that is good, but I think they know and they're just lying to scare people into a vote. Would you believe a doctor who said not only can I fix your back, but I can make you smarter, sleep better, more attractive, funny and a world class athlete? This is effectively what they are saying about all things our government has effect on.

If you don't think, like me, that there just simply giving lip service to it can all be better...and you think they actually have a better plan, or a plan at all. I encourage you to visit their campaign website and show me the details of a plan for any of these things they will do better. For example show me the actual details of a plan, and a realistic one, for what they will do different than Bush on national security. It's easy to say we will improve this and that, it's another to actually get the Congress and House to cooperate or for foreign governments to respect you. On that later, you can be sure hostile or possibly hostile nations will not fear Kerry. While he says he will "Modernize The World's Most Powerful Military To Meet New Threats" he also says he will stop all nuclear related weapons systems development. Yet he believes a nuclear threat is our biggest! I guess being on the wrong side of history with the cold war and the effectiveness and deterrent power of awesome fire power is lost on Kerry.

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