Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Media Elite Continue Bias Denial

Today in Kansas City we had Peter Jennings, the ABC News anchor, telling a local TV reporter:
"I'm a little concerned about this notion everybody wants us to be
objective, and when we don't think we can be fully objective, to be

You have to be kidding me.....why can't you be objective? If you want to give your F'ing opinion then don't call it the ABC News with Peter Jennings, call it ABC's My Damn Opinion with Peter Jennings!


Ockhamsrazor said...

I'm curious why it is people on the right have such a hissy about the supposed "elite media" bias. Right wingers own the radio, they have numerous large newspapers and television stations (does the name Sinclair ring a bell?), and they have one news network that serves as an echo chamber for the Bush Administration.

So what if Jennnings, Brokaw, Rather...have a bit of proper minded liberal thinking going on? A reporter should report but reporters are human too and they all have personal filters that they view the world through.

Tiny's Brother said...

Oh please. Sinclair mostly smaller or medium size markets. They own no top 10 and only 3 top 15. ABC, NBC, and CBS have almost all the stations they OWN in the top 10 to 20 markets. The Sinclair website even says they only "reach 24%" of all tv households. Just because they reach them, doesn't mean anyone is watching. The big 3 are still the primary means of folks getting their TV news. The combined viewership of Jennings, Brokaw and Rather is 7 times that of Bill O'Reilly. I'd say that the liberal slant is getting thru just fine. Conservatives own the radio? Why, because Rush is big? The reason liberals on the radio haven't worked is that they just haven't been very entertaining. Maybe "Air America" will change that, but, as a radio executive, I can tell you that until liberals become as entertaining as the successful conservatives, they just won't be as popular.

Ockhamsrazor said...

So it's fine by you that conservatives own radio because they are more entertaining, but you're bothered that supposed liberals own network news? Might it be that they are more entertaining as well?

Limbaugh reaches more people in a week then all of the big 3 news networks combined doesn't he? I doubt Air America is going to change the face of talk radio (although I noticed that Al Franken, God bless him, is beating out O'Reilly. Maybe O'Reilly is spending too much time beating himself.

Anyway, you're saying that in radio the market decides but on TV you want equal time---how's that work?

Tiny said...

Hey Ock since you live in a concentrated liberal haven of Oregon it doesn't bother you that someone who many look to for news is slanted your way. Sure it bothers me that its not my way, that's human nature. The sad fact is that too many people take it for granted that what these anchors say is fact. When you spin a news story to a political viewpoint is dishonest to the viewer. For example a story reads "Man killed in suburban home" sounds like a bad thing, a murder doesn't it? But what if the facts are a man woke up to noise his house, got a bat out of his closet and headed to his kids rooms where in one he found a man leaning over his 3yr daughter? He takes one swing hitting the man in the head. The headline completely missleads the event but isn't really a lie. That's exactly the kind of spin the media in general engages in, and big media is the worst. I wish more people would do homework and try to find independent sources of fact, listen to both sides and then make a decision on what side you sit on. But many don't. These anchors can do it all day long, that's fine....all just call them dishonest to what delivering news is until they start calling it opinion. It happens on both sides and its wrong either way.

tiny's hero said...

Ockhamsrazor you, like most close-minded liberals, are missing the point..... You are comparing TALK radio to NEWS!!!! Talk radio has an inherent bias, accepted by listeners who choose to tune to a particular frequency, while news is supposedly "the presentation of information about recent events or happenings".... In other words, your comparison of the predominance of a right slant on TALK radio is irrelevant. (like most arguments put forth by liberals)

Ockhamsrazor said...

Tiny's Hero:
I'm the close minded liberal and you guys are Tiny's disciples? Or am I just debating with one guy using three names to make it look like you outnumber me?

Sure talk radio has a bias and most of the hosts tell you what that bias is but not all of them do. Limbaugh, Medved, Savage (he's just gone psycho)...they are all openly biased but they also give people news from a single point of view. And no one corrected me on saying that Limbaugh alone reaches more than any of the major networks so if someone just listens to Limbaugh then they are worse then if someone justs watches Rather.

I'm not sure how you can discern the fact that I'm a closed minded liberal from just 3 posts on my part, perhpas you are endowed with psychic powers from all of your hours listening to Art Bell or something. I'm in here debating because I'm not closed minded, otherwise why would I bother? Also, perhaps you should read all of the posts before spouting off about their irrelevancy.

And my original point was that there are conservative papers, news networks, and radio. Do you get irate when Fox does some conservative spin on the news?

Ockhamsrazor said...


I agree, the media would be (hopefully will be) much better once they stop making themselves part of the news they are trying to report.