Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Just good nice folks!

There are plenty of examples, especially if you check the right hand column for the other blogs I like, of just plain moronic behavior targeting Bush and republicans....obviously these are democrats since they fit one of my union member profile of The Employed Democrat below. This particular incident yesterday is worth noting because it appears to be an organized strategy of the AFL-CIO in many cities. I would think the DNC would be calling each of these groups who resort to gun fire, property damage or physical harm to innocent people and read them the riot act. Why? Because any intelligent person who sees this behavior on the news and then associates them with anti-Bush and pro-Kerry would have a "I'm not with those idiots" reaction.

Of course maybe I'm all wet...the DNC might be going after the not so smart doesn't do their homework crowd. Their draft scare email campaign would suggest that.

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