Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's speaks the truth?

Kerry is fond of saying he will always tell the truth to the American people, implying that Bush and his team don't. I could give dozens of examples of Kerry lying but the latest is so brazen it defies what I would assume to be the collective intelligence of the Democratic campaign strategists. An old story by an embedded NBC News crew from April 2003 where they accompanied troops into an Iraqi weapons storage facility(drudge) expecting to find hundreds of tons of two particular explosives known to be there but they were not found. You can also see a CNN story on the timing of the actual event. and the actual NBC news footage here Mind you this happened and was reported one day after the liberation of Iraq.

Fast forward to today...Kerry has been on the stump in the last few days talking about the incompetence of Bush for loosing these weapons. Not only were the weapons gone before we got there but the implication is also that this was recently discovered. Kerry also claims Bush failed to secure the 380 tons of explosive and we are less secure because of it. The Dems couldn't figure out this was old news and that the stuff was gone when we got there? Or they knew but decided this was a good lie? Or Kerry is suggesting we should have, or he would have, gone into Iraq earlier and thus that stockpile would have still been there? OK you dems explain this one to me....explain the honesty of you long face Kerry! CBS is also a turd in that they were going to run a 60 minutes piece on this just before the election as if reporting it this way was factual. The liberal power brokers are the most dishonest lying cheating bastards around!

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