Friday, October 22, 2004

What's wrong with public schools?

The answer comes from my brother-in-law who shot me School Says Halloween Disrespectful to Witches. This is the over the top politically correct don't hurt the feeling of a tree, insect or a, give me a f'ing break, witch kind of people who are teaching our kids. God help us all!


Ockhamsrazor said...

I totally agree with the school district on this. You have to put yourself in the Wiccan's shoes! This is their one big holiday and they have to look at caricatures of their religion. It would be like having a bunch of kids running around with Jesus masks on making fun of him on Christmas.

It's just not right. People want religion out of the schools and you can't go around choosing which religion gets in and which gets booted out!

Tiny said...

Ock....have you lost your mind? So I suppose you also think anything to do with Xmas should be erased from the school? Is it ok to have Xmas off from work? Why? How many people must a group have, in your mind, to be protected from possible insult? One? Two? A hundred? Your attitude is exactly what's wrong with public think our kids or so stupid that they can't distinguish respect for a person, group or belief and holiday and historic celebrations involing various symbols, dress, food and song? You probably also think that a child somehow thinks less of an American Indian because the Atlanta MLB team is called the Braves and uses a symbol of a tomahawk! Or you think this is somehow degrading and hurtfull to the decendents of American Indians. Everything you do, say or wear COULD BE hurtful or disrespectful of what? This is what a free society and our freedoms are all about. This attitude in our schools and in society in general will result in mindless sanitized sheep unable to deal with a world that isn't sanitized.

Ockhamsrazor said...

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Christmas decorations and all that should be removed from public schools. Employers should decide whether you get the day off or not, why do Jewish people get Christmas off and why don't I get Hannukah (or however you spell it) off? If you want to give people the day off I’m all for it but the government shouldn’t mandate it.

I don’t think it matters how many are in a group. If the rule is there’s no religious paraphernalia allowed in school then mete it out equally. I think kids are perfectly able to distinguish I just don’t think that the school should be the one teaching them anything remotely religious nor should the school belittle one religion and tout another. Now if this was a private school I would have no problem with then promoting whatever they want to promote.

I think the Braves are just fine, however, the Cleveland Indians need to change their mascot and the Washington Redskins need to change their name.

I just bet if I wanted to wear a Jesus mask around at a school the Christians would have a fit.

Tiny said...

If public schools talked about or this being a celebration of the birth of jesus I would agree. But for the most part they don't...its a tree, presents and santa. What's your problem with "redskin"? Are you personaly offended? If you're and your not an american indian why should it matter or I care? Do you know for a fact that those who are american indians are offended by Washington's team name? What if I told you I was offended by your eblogger user name? I think, in your utopia just my offence regardless of the reason should be enough and you should change it.

Ockhamsrazor said...

I'm sensing a trend here. Everyone knows exactly what I think and why, how is that?

I don't have a utopia. Native Americans have been asking the Redskins to change their name for years. If you can't see that Redskins is just as bad as Niggers or Whities then I can't help you. Didn't you just post something about people not being judged by their skin colors and yet you have no problem with a team naming themselves based solely on the skin color of a group that no one on the team represents?

gblagg said...

Well, I have a different problem with Halloween altogether...being an ogre I continually see false representations of me and my kind on costumes worn by what I normally would eat for food. It is insulting to me to be insulted by my meals. Seriously, we need to get over ourselves. Freedom of speech hits both ways. If people want to make fun of witches, then so be it. It seems some people would only allow freedom of speech when it agrees with them. Stop by my blog @ if you need a laugh.

Tiny said...

For Ock...Do you think Washington picked that name as an assault on american indians? Unlike the cartoonist who was being critical of C. Rice! Funny how people got upset with cowboy movies portraying indians as savage scalp hunters but nobody cares about the ruthless gun slingers or saloon drunks. Who cares, it's a waste of energy.

For G....too funny!