Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Give us your criminals, your immoral, your lazy!

As I see the story this morning that a Bush/Cheney campaign office in Knoxville was shot at this morning I'm reminded of who finds the Democratic Party fits their personal philosophy the best. I was first reminded of this by the many uniformed, unemployed, rude and lawless "supposed" protestors who hung around the RNC in NYC. Then here in California the stories (but not in the mainstream press) of the vandalism to vehicles with Bush/Cheney stickers. Isn't it interesting that these individuals with no respect for life, property and decency find that the Democratic Party and its candidates best fit their convictions? Sure not all Democrats stoop to criminal or immoral behavior. But, I find the vitriolic hatred of Bush with seldom a fact or knowledge to back it up that the rank and file Democrats emote puts them far closer to the worst of their party then they realize.

My liberal friends will probably bring up something like abortion doctor killers....but these are far more isolated than the tens of thousands of participants in what I speak of and also a connection to an overall party philosophy is completely off base. Again people with EBD (defined in a previous post) fail to recognize their party consists of two easily defined groups with not much inbetween. I'm a proud republican! The two types of Democrats:

The Employed Democrat

  • The well off elite who think those less fortunate, and the planet, should benefit from their good fortune regardless of the cost to business and to the self esteem of those receiving a hand out.
  • They suffer from pseudo intellectualism.
  • They're vain, diet constantly, prone to plastic surgery and other lazy methods of improving ones self.
  • That vanity extends past our borders as they long for approval of other nations.
  • They belong to a union or group who guarantees (in their mind) employment...they get paid the same amount as everyone else whether good, bad, impassioned or apathetic
  • They do little to no homework on issues and people they are willing to ridicule or to embrace.
  • They confuse the rights provided by our constitution with entitlements.
  • They believe belief in a god, and mentioning it occasionally, is evil.

The Unemployed Democrat

  • Actually some are employed at coffee houses, music stores or are paid protestors...but come on, this isn't really being employed!
  • While they hold contempt for those who have better jobs than the afore mentioned, they believe those individuals should pay for their existence.
  • They don't believe in personal responsibility...everything is the fault of a rich person, a big business or the government.
  • They don't particularly care for grooming or personal hygiene.
  • The do even less homework on issues and people then the Employed Democrats do.
  • They confuse the rights provided by our constitution with entitlements.
  • They believe belief in a god is evil.

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