Saturday, October 02, 2004

Right War, Right Place, Right Time

You must read this WSJ op/ed piece by the life long democrat sister of 9/11 flight 77 and co-founder of 9/11 families for America.

It's amazing to me how the hypocrisy so often demonstrated by liberals is so oblivious to them. The other amazing observation about liberals is what I call EBD, or emotional brain disfunction! This is where one takes a position on a topic, or person, with absolutely no facts, logic or coherency but instead is overtaken by emotion that is typically rooted in vitriolic hatred of a person or issue. EBD also renders the afflicted with the inability to recognize undisputed facts which are in direct conflict with their position. Without exception every harsh criticism I have heard about Bush by liberals is based on EBD with their position completely collapsing with just one or two questions. In this WSJ piece you see EBD shown in the form of hypocrisy as they use 9/11 family members on the stump when they criticized the Bush camp for doing so. But the worse form of EBD comes with simple moronic statements I hear from liberals all the time. Do these sound familiar: "Bush lied about WMDs", "he was just thinking about his friend at Halliburton", or my personal favorite: "everything they're saying about him is true, they just haven't found the evidence yet".

EBD sufferers loose all ability to research a topic or person. They can no longer recognize unbias sources of information and conclude they are instead bias if the information conflicts with their EBD based position. I have given the all so elusive (to liberals) facts and sources to many who suffer from EBD and watched the smoke emanate from their's not pretty.

So, before you catch EBD and spew about the lack of connection between Saddam, Iraq, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda I suggest you both read opinions from those who have read the 9/11 Commission report or read it yourself...I did.

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