Monday, October 25, 2004

Glass Empty

I can barely stand it anymore.....while it would probably help Bush's cause to admit more often that some things could have been done differently in his nearly 4 yrs and that Iraq has been tougher than he thought, the other side sees an empty glass. Is every aspect of your life that the government can have an affect on screwed up? Employment, economy, housing, healthcare, security, infrastructure, your personal (not what you think it is for the poorest down trodden sole in your city) scorecard on these items an F? On any of them? I think for the majority its like good to better on all counts. Yet when you listen to Kedwards or any dem talking head EVERYTHING is completely hosed. There isn't one thing in this country that is going ok or right. Just try and find anything to the contrary from this crowd. And yet, today Clinton (the one who likes interns) says the republicans are trying to scare people to vote for Bush?

Kerry says he is big on telling the truth and he has a plan....but he has a plan for fixing so many things even beyond his control it's not only ludicrous it's political snake oil or lies. Things that would have been or will be different according to Kedwards if he/they had been or becomes president.

  1. Osama would be dead
  2. Iraq, Iran, N. Korea or any other rogue nation wanting WMDs or nukes would acquiesce simply from UN pressure
  3. The economy (already better) would rain money
  4. Housing (already better) would had by all
  5. Christopher Reeves would alive and walk
  6. Every citizen could get elective surgery
  7. Corporations would pay a lot more tax and magically they could without laying people off
  8. The French, Germans, Spain, etc. would all hold hands with us on the battlefield
  9. The UN would be the new world super power
  10. All children would get private school quality education at public schools
  11. Every city would have more fire fighters and police
  12. The border would be more secure, every container, parcel or letter would be inspected
  13. Every person with a terrorist plot would be identified by the Minority Report triplets
  14. The people paying nearly all taxes now would pay even more
  15. Drugs would be free, new drugs would spring up like Starbucks coffee houses because you would be allowed to use the remnants from abortion clinics and childbirth free from scrutiny
  16. All parents with gay children would be identified publicly.
  17. All profiling, for any purpose would be banned....except for college entrance, employment and government grants!

Too many more to list....seems like an easy choice.

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