Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Double Talk

After the first Bush/Kerry debate James Taranto of the WSJ Best of the Web pointed out how Kerry, after saying something powerful and sensible, would then follow it with a "but.." clause and either qualify or contradict it. Well, James points how in today's BOTW in a section he calls the "Kedwards Two-Step" that Edwards did a similar but to me more troubling double talk that unfortunately probably works with impressionable grey matter out there in tv land. Edward's is more sneaky than Kerry's, probably his tort lawyering skills showing up. Worth a read, but some examples of Edwards double talk that Taranto illustrated are:

Last night Edwards appealed to swing voters by acknowledging that "Saddam Hussein was a threat that needed to be addressed directly." Then he moved back to the left by saying that if the U.N. weapons inspectors "had time to do their job, they would have discovered what we now know, that in fact Saddam Hussein had no weapons, that in fact Saddam Hussein has no connection with 9/11, that in fact Saddam Hussein has little or no connection with al Qaeda."

It's a similar story on domestic policy. Kedwards want to cut taxes (yours) and raise taxes (on the other fellow, that rich scoundrel). They "believe that marriage is between a man and a woman," as Edwards said last night, but "we should not use the Constitution to divide this country."

Your're blinded by Bush related EBD if you think Kerry or Edwards gives direct and concise prose on topics or to questions on ANY would be hard pressed to find this kind of double talk coming out of Bush.

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