Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sex, Lies, I have a "plan", Armchairs and Fear

Unbelievable that people support Kerry. But this, I believe, proves the existence of EBD (emotional brain disorder typically caused by hatred of Dubya) as it is the only way to explain that anyone with half of their cranium functioning doesn't recognize that Kerry is simply veneer!

Sex: cheap shot by Kerry...when he mentioned Cheney's lesbian daughter in the last debate it was clearly to remind the most conservative Republicans that a gay person was close to the administration. If Edwards had a gay child and Bush thru that out (especially as Kerry did with little to no connection to the topic) the mainstream press would have crucified Bush....see much on this story?

Lies: Both Kerry and Bush got facts wrong...ok call that a tie

Plan: Proof that libs have EBD....apparently if you just say "plan" a bunch of times people who have EBD will say they heard details of the careful if you ask someone afflicted with EBD to give you some details of the plan...they may experience convulsions and loose control of their bowels.

Armchair Quarterback: This didn't work in my title, but it is interesting that everyone I have watched the debates with or talked to about them after the fact had responses at various spots for each debate that would not have just been better than what the candidate said but would have annihilated the opponent. One would think both of these guys would think better on their feet. Now I realize we are just armchair quarterbacking here and that's an order of magnitude easy than real time with cameras rolling...but I sure wish Bush would have said the following at some point in any of the debates. "You know, my opponent basis his entire candidacy on the notion that not a single thing in our country is working. To believe him every single thing that effects you that the government can affect is broken. But wait, he has a plan to fix every single one of these broken things." and you can can go on and on.

Fear: If you're intellectually honest (and don't have EBD) you can easily see that the entire Democratic machine is using a fear campaign. Kerry and Edwards say everything is wrong, broken and getting worse, that we're no safer than before 9/11, etc. Official DNC efforts, or by operatives give us the bogus draft campaign, violent protestors at events along with the many RNC office attacks. The DNC handbook that tells local offices to charge voter intimidation even if none exists. The DNC talking heads are saying "just watch the republicans will try to steal the election again". Look, do some research. The effort to use fear and smear is huge on the DNC side...if you can't run on your record and detailed ideas what else can you do.

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