Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Armchair Quarterback

A nice WSJ piece today on Kerry's new mantra of the Bush administration incompetence and that he would execute a more competent war. This is along the lines of my post on Kerry says not a single thing is going right....and he is the king of hindsight, nothing that he claims is bad would be if he owned it. I would love to ask Kerry: "You claim Bush himself is at fault for the hundreds of things you have said are messed up...how long after you take office can we place their blame on you?" I think that's a great, but loaded, question...it's easy to say what you would do after the fact, but you inherit a world that has a lot of moving parts you have no control over so it's more about how you react to the hard sudden situation. The journal sums it up with:
But in order to win a war, you have to have the vision and determination to
fight it despite setbacks and political difficulties. Americans should be wary
of politicians who promise more "competent" leadership in a war that those same
politicians say they'd rather not fight.

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