Thursday, September 30, 2004

If it sounds insane it's Dianne Feinstein

For some reason I felt like a little torture today and listened, for just a minute, to KGO 810 in SF around Noon today. The once moderate and now blindly supporting anything democrat host (Ron Owens) had leftist Senator Feinstein on the air. Feinstein was talking about the speech that Ayad Allawi gave to Congress on Iraq. She said she was happy to hear Allawi tell of successes in building infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc. and even that 15 of 18 provinces could hold elections today without disruption. But then Fe-insane said she read today's WPost article that compared about 15 Allawi sound bites from his speech with 15 Bush sound bites from a number of speeches you can find on the White House Website (the post suggests Allawi may have innocently done so). Sure several of the 15 are nearly the same but they stretched to find even this many that by their inclusion in the article we are to believe are suspiciously close, take for example:

"There are terrorists . . . who seek to make our country the main battleground against freedom, democracy and civilization." -- Allawi

"The killers know that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror." -- Bush

Or more close:

"The world is better off without Saddam Hussein." -- Allawi

"The world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power." -- Bush

Oh my god....Allawi must indeed be a puppet of the Bush administration! Senator Fe-insane must think the listening audience is stupid (as most elite liberals do) these are clearly common phrases used by many on the topic of Iraq, are but a tiny fraction of Allawi's words that day and are just generalization phrases. Fe-insane suggested that this similarity raised suspicion so now everything Allawi said was the point where I put this as a statement that aides and abets the enemy and thus she is! See the entire speech text on here.


Now Fe-insane comes out and calls the Post's article "reports" and talks as if this notion is 100% true and the source of her profound dismay! Oh boy...she even says that "campaign operatives" were the ghost proof, not a shred of corroboration for what are simply innuendo and conspiratorial rhetoric. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if White House staff help visiting heads of state tune speeches they make on state visits...that doesn't make them puppets or that substantive content is suspect.

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