Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Are Kerry and the DNC this stupid?

As I wait (or wish) to hear Dan Rather has resigned my daily surfing for today's interesting political news has me scratching my head. I don't profess to know what political compaign tactics work and which don't but the stuff coming out of Kerry's mouth and the efforts by the DNC (or their fricking leftest anonymous groups) has me thinking they're just plain stupid. The common theme is "fear".....Kerry suggesting a vote for Bush means a return to the draft is likely!....then I hear of this mysterious email compaign to college students that doesn't just suggest but literally states the the Bush administration is pushing legislation to reinstate the draft. HOWEVER, you pinko bastards, turns out grease ball dem senator Charles Rangel is the one pushing actual Draft reinstatement which isn't supported by Bush or Flipper or any other person in high office with a stitch of power. Also, today I see stories today from the usual "unbiased" (wink) news services about past and current orchestrated efforts to disenfranchise voters....of course black voters. See TASS...oops I mean Reuters ( .

I can't believe the current Kerry campaign tactics are winning over anybody with even a hint of intellect who is undecided...of course how can anybody have been undecided at this point? In fact, what the hell is wrong with me..... if you're so out of touch that at this point you can't decide which candidate has consistent positions and isn't afraid to do what's right for America regardless of what France, the UN or any other country thinks (gee am I obvious?) then you shouldn't vote. You should stay home with your dumb ass head in your lap. Kerry's performance during this campaign is so laughable, especially lately, I bet he has lost some usually loyal dems!

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Gossamer said...

I think that for the first (well, maybe third) time in my life, I can agree with a conservative. I am a liberal but I do agree with some statements in your post. First, Kerry has lost me kinda b/c he has such a weak campaign. Its getting pretty obvious that he's gonna lose. And senators pushing the draft calling themselves democrats? I call them turncoats. Also I agree that it's hard to find "unbiased" news sources anymore. All my friends' news sources seem too liberal, like crackpot liberal. I dont know, none of it makes sense...Oh well, have fun with your blog!