Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Global Warming Targets Blacks?????

I hadn't planned on writing something on climate change but I saw a AP wire that Jessie Jackson had joined (whatever that means) the Kerry campaign because they felt they didn't have enough of the black vote. Surprising since Kerry has a webpage dedicated to this group with a list of prominent blacks who endorse his candidacy that are far more relevant than Jackson. I thought Jackson was universally accepted to be a large company race-card extortionist? Anyway, I was looking at both the Kerry campaign website and any website I could find on Jackson to see if there was anything on this new relationship between orange and black! Nothing, but when I went to the Congressional Black Caucus website and saw this front page piece titled African Americans & Climate Change: An Unequal Burden. I new this was going to be good...UN-F'ING believable this report (you'll need Acrobat to view it)...check out the main 3 points of this report:

  1. African Americans are already disproportionately burdened by the health effects of
    climate change, including deaths during heat waves and from worsened air pollution.
    Similarly, unemployment and economic hardship associated with climate change will
    fall most heavily on the African American community.
  2. African Americans are less responsible for climate change than other Americans.
    Both historically and at present, African Americans emit less greenhouse gas.
  3. Policies intended to mitigate climate change can generate large health and economic
    benefits or costs for African Americans, depending on how they are structured.

I'm amazed by this sort of thing...this should be like shooting fish in a barrel for a news magazine...the race card plus global warming. As I understand the more climate data we gather the more the argument that there is global warming (which is all this report talks about even though it's titled climate change, I guess it's not PC to call it global warming anymore) is getting weaker all the time. The jury is not in on global can find a ton of impressive scientific sources supporting both sides of the issue. That aside I'm amazed someone would get away with linking the effects on one group...just amazing.

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