Friday, September 24, 2004

ABC, CBS, NBC move to 100% Entertainment!

That's the headline I would like to see some day......maybe I like to get pissed off first thing in the morning with my coffee since I can't seem to stop myself from flipping thru the network morning shows where these talking heads think they are hard news journalists while surrounding those hard news pieces with recipes and pumping carving ideas. These clowns have no business spinning every story they can into it's Bush's fault but they do. The print/online media is bad enough (just search Cat Stevens stories and see how many times they use what is no longer his name versus Yusuf Islam which HE has been known as for YEARS) but this morning on NBC's today show took the cake. The story was on the no fly watch list only containing 3500 names when the homeland security terrorist watch list is apparently 300,000. Good question....but they opened the story with the Mr. Islam's plane problem never using his current name....he's just little old innocent Cat Stevens....nothing about the questionable activity and associations he has had since the 1980's....oh no, they just implied that even the 3500 on the no fly watch list was full of boy scout's. Isn't it a more interesting story that Cat Stevens dropped off the face of the earth 20 years ago, became a Muslim and had said and done some contraversial and seemingly anti-American things since changing his name to Yusuf Islam and oh by the way all that earned him a place on the no fly watch list...which should probaby be a bigger list by say...oh I don't know...300,000 more!

Of course that's a better and more interesting story....unless you would like to somehow take every story you do and spin it to make the sitting president and administration look bad.

I have seen lots of quotes and video from the media hand picked average citizen who use words like "evil", "bad", "mean", "liar" to describe dubya...and have talked with plenty of dems I know who talk about him or republicans in general with vitriol. But you know what I think, the obvious lack of journalistic integrity being displayed by the media, their coordinaton with the DNC to promote an agenda, the desire by many to see more deaths in Iraq to keep their "quagmire" label, the spitting hate mongering protestors in NYC during the RNConv, blah, blah, blah....all tell me these words far more accurately describe those on the left. Isn't it interesting how our the majority of our teenagers and college students are democrats? Why? Because they're too stupid yet to know better...they haven't lived long enough and with enough real responsibility to gain both wisdom and confidence that your own ideas and feelings can forge your positions on important issues. So they're easily rallied to the cause. They are made to be scared that a job will be hard to come by and that republicans and big business want to keep you down. So put us in power and will make sure they put some dollars in your pocket just because you breath.

Sorry....just got carried away there.......

Update 1
I probably wasn't very eloquent with my dribble about why college students are dems/leftist. Well the point was I believe you would be hard pressed to take someone who has enough life experience to form solid positions and opinions on the big things and convert them to a liberal if they were something else. However the idealistic youth are forced to site inside 4 walls and be brainwashed by college professors who are overwhelmingly liberal or maybe more accurately socialist to communist. They're easily swayed, they want to believe, after all these are the pillars of education, thought and knowledge...this must be right. I fully believe you are either born into a democrat family and its mantra is pounded into you at home or if home was something other than a liberal experience you get the indoctrination at college. Those are the only ways you become a liberal....and often the college conversion is part of a rebellion if dad was maybe too overbearing with that mantra. You'd be hard pressed to find a great thinker or intellectual who was a conservative as a mature adult but switches to liberal thought...if you can find one tell me.

Update 2
Thanks to my friend Kurt for giving me this great Churchill quote after telling him about my thoughts on how anybody ends up a liberal.

"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.". Winston Churchill

Update 3
Kurt comes thru again with a link to a great 12 Step Program for Liberals, so if you know any be their sponsor!

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