Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The "left" and Islamofascism bedfellows!

I have felt a new sense of patriotism since 9/11 to the point where I could really care less about civil liberties, especially for non-citizens. I also believe in a big time offensive approach to fighting this war against the free hating dogs. As this new (but familiar) position formed in me it seemed to me that liberals were actually diametrically opposed to my new found patriotism. If you deny this is the case then you're un-informed or turn a blind eye with the later rooted in shameful fact ignoring bias. I continue to be puzzled by what I believe to be smart people (personal friends and others) who don't see their nearly treasonous attitude against our government and president while comforting the enemy. Occasionally I get joy from watching someone see the light. Once such person is Christopher Hitchens who quit the very liberal Nation magazine shortly after 9/11 after a very respected 20 year stint. One of my favorite blogs INDCJournal linked a recent interview with Hitchens by Johann Hari a leading journalist in Britain. One of the more poetic passages from the interview:

He explains that he believes the moment the left's bankruptcy became clear was on 9/11. "The United States was attacked by theocratic fascists who represents all the most reactionary elements on earth. They stand for liquidating everything the left has fought for: women's rights, democracy? And how did much of the left respond? By affecting a kind of neutrality between America and the theocratic fascists." He cites the cover of one of Tariq Ali's books as the perfect example. It shows Bush and Bin Laden morphed into one on its cover. "It's explicitly saying they are equally bad. However bad the American Empire has been, it is not as bad as this. It is not the Taliban, and anybody - any movement - that cannot see the difference has lost all moral bearings."

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