Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blacks Overwhelmingly for Carrot Top

Interesting Washington Post poll out today...check the race and party breakdowns. Blacks are voting for Kerry over Bush 79% to 15%....why is that? It's sort of curious isn't it?. The only other way you can slice the polling data to get that lopsided of a vote for Kerry is by party. And surprisingly Kerry has a double digit percent of democrats voting for Bush! 81% of democrats are voting for Kerry over 16% for Bush....16% of democrats voting for Bush. Why the f isn't that a headline? On the republican side 91% over 6% favor Bush. Oh, forgot...so why the carrot top label? Well apparently Kerry got fresh botox in time for the debates but didn't have time to get his tan so suddenly in one day he has turned orange! Speculation is that he used one of those carotenoid (what makes carrots orange) based self-tanning products...WHAT A DORK!

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