Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'm Changing My VOTE!

I guess I'll change my vote because apparently Kerry, just by being John Kerry, will change the dynamic on the ground in Iraq when he is president! I was wrong about him....can you libs ever forgive me? From an interview by Rogert Siegel on NPR with Kerry yesterday:

I do not intend to increase troops. I intend to get the process in place that I described, and I believe as a new president, with new credibility, with a fresh start, that I have the ability to be able to change the dynamics on the ground.
Yet another reason I'm changing my vote to Kerry...he apparently has sole access to technology akin to the transporter on the Enterprise of Star Trek fame. He has been secretly visiting Iraq and knows beter than the new interim Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allaw, what's going on there and what the impact of liberation by the US has meant!

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Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

You should vote for Kerry.

Don't you realize that the terrorists are scared to death of him?

He is the one who shot a kid in the back in Vietnam!

Imagine how dangerous he would be when he has access to the "B vitamins" - B-1 bomber, B-52's!

He will also confuse the terrorists. He will tell them that he forgives them and wants to negotiate and then when they come to Washington to sign peace agreement - flip flop and blamo! But then he will flip flop again and pay the families reparations.