Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kerry not Bush could draft you!

Back on Sept 22 in my post "Are Kerry and the DNC stupid?" (see my Archives) I talked about the fear tactics by the donkeys in spreading lies via email to college students about Bush favoring a return of the draft. A fellow blogger Swimming throug the Spin has a very interesting follow up on this which includes another example of CBS' lack of journalism 101 fact/background checking. Note that Kerry's campaign website had quite the manifesto on how Kerry would require/get service (or in some cases he used the words "national service") of teenagers thru seniors! The key word here is had since these pages have recently been pulled from Kerry's website....ah but the wonders of the Internet save this bit of history for us in the form of a web archival site called Wayback Machine where you can read the entire plan (links and all).

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