Thursday, September 30, 2004

If it sounds insane it's Dianne Feinstein

For some reason I felt like a little torture today and listened, for just a minute, to KGO 810 in SF around Noon today. The once moderate and now blindly supporting anything democrat host (Ron Owens) had leftist Senator Feinstein on the air. Feinstein was talking about the speech that Ayad Allawi gave to Congress on Iraq. She said she was happy to hear Allawi tell of successes in building infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc. and even that 15 of 18 provinces could hold elections today without disruption. But then Fe-insane said she read today's WPost article that compared about 15 Allawi sound bites from his speech with 15 Bush sound bites from a number of speeches you can find on the White House Website (the post suggests Allawi may have innocently done so). Sure several of the 15 are nearly the same but they stretched to find even this many that by their inclusion in the article we are to believe are suspiciously close, take for example:

"There are terrorists . . . who seek to make our country the main battleground against freedom, democracy and civilization." -- Allawi

"The killers know that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror." -- Bush

Or more close:

"The world is better off without Saddam Hussein." -- Allawi

"The world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power." -- Bush

Oh my god....Allawi must indeed be a puppet of the Bush administration! Senator Fe-insane must think the listening audience is stupid (as most elite liberals do) these are clearly common phrases used by many on the topic of Iraq, are but a tiny fraction of Allawi's words that day and are just generalization phrases. Fe-insane suggested that this similarity raised suspicion so now everything Allawi said was the point where I put this as a statement that aides and abets the enemy and thus she is! See the entire speech text on here.


Now Fe-insane comes out and calls the Post's article "reports" and talks as if this notion is 100% true and the source of her profound dismay! Oh boy...she even says that "campaign operatives" were the ghost proof, not a shred of corroboration for what are simply innuendo and conspiratorial rhetoric. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if White House staff help visiting heads of state tune speeches they make on state visits...that doesn't make them puppets or that substantive content is suspect.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Global Warming Targets Blacks?????

I hadn't planned on writing something on climate change but I saw a AP wire that Jessie Jackson had joined (whatever that means) the Kerry campaign because they felt they didn't have enough of the black vote. Surprising since Kerry has a webpage dedicated to this group with a list of prominent blacks who endorse his candidacy that are far more relevant than Jackson. I thought Jackson was universally accepted to be a large company race-card extortionist? Anyway, I was looking at both the Kerry campaign website and any website I could find on Jackson to see if there was anything on this new relationship between orange and black! Nothing, but when I went to the Congressional Black Caucus website and saw this front page piece titled African Americans & Climate Change: An Unequal Burden. I new this was going to be good...UN-F'ING believable this report (you'll need Acrobat to view it)...check out the main 3 points of this report:

  1. African Americans are already disproportionately burdened by the health effects of
    climate change, including deaths during heat waves and from worsened air pollution.
    Similarly, unemployment and economic hardship associated with climate change will
    fall most heavily on the African American community.
  2. African Americans are less responsible for climate change than other Americans.
    Both historically and at present, African Americans emit less greenhouse gas.
  3. Policies intended to mitigate climate change can generate large health and economic
    benefits or costs for African Americans, depending on how they are structured.

I'm amazed by this sort of thing...this should be like shooting fish in a barrel for a news magazine...the race card plus global warming. As I understand the more climate data we gather the more the argument that there is global warming (which is all this report talks about even though it's titled climate change, I guess it's not PC to call it global warming anymore) is getting weaker all the time. The jury is not in on global can find a ton of impressive scientific sources supporting both sides of the issue. That aside I'm amazed someone would get away with linking the effects on one group...just amazing.

Liberal Frustration

Interesting view of a reformed academic liberal (a prof at UTA) and fellow blogger on the frustration of a liberal!

Come Back Kid

From my friend Kurt who is great "right" 2 cents to Kurt's thoughts below are that this is more of Kerry's overwhelming undertone of negativity. His stance on everything is that it is F'd up and it's Bush's fault. Before the real campaigning started how many aspects of American life would you have listed as entirely broken and that are directly attributable to the sitting President versus the Congress and House as a body? Thanks Kurt who writes:

Did you hear Kerry on TV this morning – good morning America or someone? Funny. The press seems to be turning on him a little. The question was asked if it was a good idea to go into Iraq. After a weird answer, the interviewer asked: “So if it turns okay, then it was a good thing to do?” - that pissed him off a bit.

The funniest part is the “I voted for it before I voted against it”. His rationale was that he wanted to make sure that the right taxpayers (e.g. the rich) would pay their fair share of the appropriations. Say what? This is now a tax issue??? He also said it was late and he was tired – later came out that he said that at noon.

Okay, so here is one for your blog that no one is talking about.

Kerry is being pre-positioned for tomorrows debates as the “come back kid” – the guy who is behind, but then in the last couple of weeks comes on strong. (ex. Senate races, the Iowa caucus win, etc).

You can hear it already – wow Kerry did what he always does coming from behind and he did what he needed to do in the debate.

Here is the problem. Is this who anyone wants as a President??? Someone who only does well when he is behind and it is late in the 4th quarter? This is positioned as some sort of virtue? Is this what we want for the US? The “comeback US”

The Kerry Presidency: Ok, economy is in the crapper, we were hit with two more terrorist attacks, the DOW is at 5,000 – but look, Kerry has woken up and now he has a plan and we are going to win!!

We want a president who is tired at noon?Funny also that there are no stories about the fact that he had his prostrate removed. Remember when that was an issue for Bob Dole?

Kerry not Bush could draft you!

Back on Sept 22 in my post "Are Kerry and the DNC stupid?" (see my Archives) I talked about the fear tactics by the donkeys in spreading lies via email to college students about Bush favoring a return of the draft. A fellow blogger Swimming throug the Spin has a very interesting follow up on this which includes another example of CBS' lack of journalism 101 fact/background checking. Note that Kerry's campaign website had quite the manifesto on how Kerry would require/get service (or in some cases he used the words "national service") of teenagers thru seniors! The key word here is had since these pages have recently been pulled from Kerry's website....ah but the wonders of the Internet save this bit of history for us in the form of a web archival site called Wayback Machine where you can read the entire plan (links and all).

The "left" and Islamofascism bedfellows!

I have felt a new sense of patriotism since 9/11 to the point where I could really care less about civil liberties, especially for non-citizens. I also believe in a big time offensive approach to fighting this war against the free hating dogs. As this new (but familiar) position formed in me it seemed to me that liberals were actually diametrically opposed to my new found patriotism. If you deny this is the case then you're un-informed or turn a blind eye with the later rooted in shameful fact ignoring bias. I continue to be puzzled by what I believe to be smart people (personal friends and others) who don't see their nearly treasonous attitude against our government and president while comforting the enemy. Occasionally I get joy from watching someone see the light. Once such person is Christopher Hitchens who quit the very liberal Nation magazine shortly after 9/11 after a very respected 20 year stint. One of my favorite blogs INDCJournal linked a recent interview with Hitchens by Johann Hari a leading journalist in Britain. One of the more poetic passages from the interview:

He explains that he believes the moment the left's bankruptcy became clear was on 9/11. "The United States was attacked by theocratic fascists who represents all the most reactionary elements on earth. They stand for liquidating everything the left has fought for: women's rights, democracy? And how did much of the left respond? By affecting a kind of neutrality between America and the theocratic fascists." He cites the cover of one of Tariq Ali's books as the perfect example. It shows Bush and Bin Laden morphed into one on its cover. "It's explicitly saying they are equally bad. However bad the American Empire has been, it is not as bad as this. It is not the Taliban, and anybody - any movement - that cannot see the difference has lost all moral bearings."

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blacks Overwhelmingly for Carrot Top

Interesting Washington Post poll out today...check the race and party breakdowns. Blacks are voting for Kerry over Bush 79% to 15%....why is that? It's sort of curious isn't it?. The only other way you can slice the polling data to get that lopsided of a vote for Kerry is by party. And surprisingly Kerry has a double digit percent of democrats voting for Bush! 81% of democrats are voting for Kerry over 16% for Bush....16% of democrats voting for Bush. Why the f isn't that a headline? On the republican side 91% over 6% favor Bush. Oh, why the carrot top label? Well apparently Kerry got fresh botox in time for the debates but didn't have time to get his tan so suddenly in one day he has turned orange! Speculation is that he used one of those carotenoid (what makes carrots orange) based self-tanning products...WHAT A DORK!

More than the White House

If you haven't read up on the California ballot measures that will also be on the Nov. 2nd ballot please do here(requires Acroat).....or better yet vote how Tiny would vote: 59-N, 60-Y, 60A-Y, 61-N, 62-Y, 63-N, 64-Y, 66-N, 67-N, 68-Y, 69-Y, 70-Y, 71-N, 72-N. I feel bad enough that I take my son to what is now the idiotic politically correct should be Indian Guides....sick and tired of special up kemosabe!

Evil on your side!

If you care about national security more than say French and German heads of state showing up at the White House for dinner then you'll find it interesting who roots for Kerry to win in November. Allah in the house points us to sources showing Arafat, Hizb'Allah, much of the Arab world and among others North Korea...who by the way play Kerry compaign speaches on NK's state radio with approval commentary.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I'm amazed at the willingness of the supposed minority "friendly" political party to lie to those minorities. The media doesn't give enough attention (on purpose of course) to this insidious propoganda which takes advantage of the very minorities the left claims allegiance to. The black and hispanic potential voters they target can't, as easily as you and I, determine the truth not just about the lie of voter intimidation but also about what each party truly stands for. I fault both sides for playing a marketing/pr spin game where and when they can. If you treat people as if you're intellectually superior not only will you meet your doom eventually, but that's some seriously bad karma! Check out the WSJ piece on the Florida Myth!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Carter shares CBS' standards

Have to admit I didn't think Jimmy would be playing political innuendo tricks...sort of aggressive for Billy Beer's brother who the BBC calls an "veteran observer" of elections. Come on Jimmy old boy, lots of innuendo of political favoritism, invalid disqualification, fraud, etc that will make the Florida vote bogus before the first vote is cast...back it up with names, places and and Dan Rather appear to be following the same CBS ethical standards policy!


I'm pretty much a plain talker. I think straight forward is better. Call em like I see em, don't pull punches, too bad if it bothers somebody. This is sometimes confused by pseudo intellectuals as being stupid. Maybe this is all the fault of lawyers...I worked on filing some patents recently and a lawyer turned the word "several" into "a plurality of". I have a plurality of children living in my that's just plain stupid! So where am I going with this....well my favorite op/ed guy (James Taranto of the WSJ) has a funny bit on what I think is a classic liberal (oops I mean pseudo intellectual) mistake in judging someones intelligence based on their vocabularly or number of words they use to make a point. If you spew several words per sentence that most people have to look up then you're smart....I swear the dems claim to be the party of the people, many say they relate to the "common man" better than republicans or Bush. Who the F is this common man? Did those M-Fer's just call me common? Dems are a bunch of snobs. From today's WSJ op/ed "Best of the Web"

We were reminded of that joke when we read this hilarious piece in the Capital Times of Madison, Wis., in which Ann Richards, the one-term governor of Texas who lost her seat to George W. Bush in 1994, explains that Bush is hard to beat in a debate because he is stupid: [John] Kerry, like Richards and other Democrats who have faced Bush in past debates, probably knows too much.

"As a consequence, we see issues in less simplistic terms than the president. The president speaks in terms that are so simple on the most complex issues that it sort of leaves you with your mouth hanging open," says Richards, who was unseated by Bush 10 years ago this fall. . . .
She contends that has been part of Bush's political strategy for years, citing an exchange during the presidential debates four years ago when he and Vice President Al Gore fielded a question about Medicare and health care costs.

Richards recalled that Bush responded, "I think Medicare needs to be reformed." "That doesn't tell you anything about what he's going to do, it's simply a simplistic answer," Richards added. "And he does that on almost everything. You give people a simple answer and then you don't have to answer the complicated questions that matter."

Richards also puts her superior intellect on display, saying Bush has "been the most disappointing to women, who thought with all of his commitments and promises that things were going to change for them. Things didn't change; they got worse." So things got worse without changing? Must be some quantum-physics deal.

Kerry calls Bush joker, but Kerry wrote material!

This cracks me up.....Bush was using the Kerry flip-flop's as campaign fodder today with the punchline being that "he could probably spend 90 minutes debating himself". To which Kerry apparently responded "with American soldiers' lives on the line in Iraq, it was no time for jokes". The real joke is that Kerry wrote the material for this joke with his pendulous positions, Bush just wrote the punchline....but once again Kerry tries to turn the hurtful truth into an inappropriate Bush remark...WELL, let's think....has Kerry said anything in this campaign that might be demoralizing to the soldiers in Iraq or even to all patriotic citizens of this great country? You know the answer!

Oakland favors Illegal Aliens over DUI Enforcement

This is just amazing...can you imagine your child is run over by someone driving drunk in the city of Oakland (see article) because they got soft on enforcement for fear of actually enforcing a different law because they kept catching illegal aliens with DUI checkpoints? Also it ticks me off that anybody labels these people as "illegal immigrants"....sorry but immigrant as defined by Websters is "A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another." I don't think that's a reasonable definition for the case where you're here illegally. Isn't illegal alien more accurate, again from Websters: "An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called noncitizen." Come on, be honest which description is more accurate? OH, BUT this isn't very PC is it? Don't get me started........

UPDATE,, my faith that there is intelligent life still in the Bay Area has been restored....the Oakland police dept. has decided to not suspend DUI checkpoints due to public outcry. It floors me that the activists who made the stink said that these checkpoints's this:
The checkpoints, which allow officers to demand licenses and proof of insurance, are an effective way to get drunken drivers off Oakland's streets, city leaders agree. But the checks also have ensnared dozens of illegal immigrants who are not licensed to drive yet otherwise obey the law.
WHAT....EXCUSE ME....didn't you just say they're "illegal" immigrants!

Media Bias...cont.

Busy day today but I did note that the Drudgereport had a headline saying CNNUSATODAYGALLUP: BUSH UP 8 AMONG 'LIKELY' so imagine my surprise that the USA Today web page this links to has its headline for this new polling data as "Bush's lead gets smaller in poll". The media is so scared to let the public form their own opinion on the candidates records and character that they twist, mangle and even lie in order to make every story have a negative towards Bush and/or a positive for Kerry....unbelievable!

Go that that CNNUSA Today it, then click on the actual poll results link and tell me what you think the data shows? Skip the graph since they obviously used a small increment on the Y axis in order to hide the fact that Bush's numbers go up from the beginning to the end of September.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Not Voting For Flipper

Ok, I have regained my sanity.....Flipper will have a hard time defending all the audio, video or transcripts of every possible position he has taken on Iraq with anybody (hopefully at the debates) who reminds him of these and asks for an explaination.

During a 1997 debate on CNN's "Crossfire," Sen. John Kerry, now the Democratic presidential nominee, made the case for launching a pre-emptive attack against Iraq. "We know we can't count on the French. We know we can't count on the Russians," said Mr. Kerry. "We know that Iraq is a danger to the United States, and we reserve the right to take pre-emptive action whenever we feel it's in our national interest."

How To Build A Terrorist

Facinating thoughts on terrorism that my good friend Mike shot to me....from a contributor of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies it's a long but great read. Two passages from this speach that stood out:
  • What is behind the suicide murders? Money, power and cold-blooded murderous incitement, nothing else. It has nothing to do with true fanatic religious beliefs. No Moslem preacher has ever blown himself up. No son of an Arab politician or religious leader has ever blown himself. No relative of anyone influential has done it. Wouldn't you expect some of the religious leaders to do it themselves, or to talk their sons into doing it, if this is truly a supreme act of religious fervor? Aren't they interested in the benefits of going to Heaven? Instead, they send outcast women, naive children, retarded people and young incited hotheads. They promise them the delights, mostly sexual, of the next world, and pay their families handsomely after the supreme act is performed and enough innocent people are dead.
  • The only way to fight this new "popular" weapon is identical to the only way in which you fight organized crime or pirates on the high seas: the offensive way. Like in the case of organized crime, it is crucial that the forces on the offensive be united and it is crucial to reach the top of the crime pyramid. You cannot eliminate organized crime by arresting the little drug dealer in the street corner. You must go after the head of the "Family".

Who exactly is the Minority?????

Yet more media bias....the Contra Costa Times thinks you should know that Fewer minorities enrolling at Cal. But if you look at the recent Cal Berkeley press release that was likely used as the source for this story what conclusion would you draw if you had no agenda? Oh, I think your story might be "Minorities Dominate Fall Term Cal Enrollment", or maybe "Enrollment Up For Minorities at Cal", and so on. Fall 2004 enrollment breakdown from Berkeley's release:
  • Chicano/Latino 9.1% (9.3% last year)
  • African American 3.9% (3.6% last year)
  • American Indians 0.4% (0.6% last year)
  • Vietnamese 4.2% (3.6% last year)
  • Southeast Asian 4.4% (3.8% last year)
  • White 30.6% (31.5% last year)
  • Asian 44.8% (44.9% last year)

hmm....from a California state population perspective aren't white students in the minority at Cal? And yes the "white" enrollment at Cal is down, but in fact the groups that we all commonly refer to as monirities are up as a group and represent nearly 70% of the incoming freshman! YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE! In fact the CCTimes story title is a lie, missleading and dishonest...if my math is right in fact minority enrollment is up by 1.2%. But the fact that the monority representation is in fact the overwhelming majority of the incoming freshman makes this a journalistic abortion.

ABC, CBS, NBC move to 100% Entertainment!

That's the headline I would like to see some day......maybe I like to get pissed off first thing in the morning with my coffee since I can't seem to stop myself from flipping thru the network morning shows where these talking heads think they are hard news journalists while surrounding those hard news pieces with recipes and pumping carving ideas. These clowns have no business spinning every story they can into it's Bush's fault but they do. The print/online media is bad enough (just search Cat Stevens stories and see how many times they use what is no longer his name versus Yusuf Islam which HE has been known as for YEARS) but this morning on NBC's today show took the cake. The story was on the no fly watch list only containing 3500 names when the homeland security terrorist watch list is apparently 300,000. Good question....but they opened the story with the Mr. Islam's plane problem never using his current name....he's just little old innocent Cat Stevens....nothing about the questionable activity and associations he has had since the 1980's....oh no, they just implied that even the 3500 on the no fly watch list was full of boy scout's. Isn't it a more interesting story that Cat Stevens dropped off the face of the earth 20 years ago, became a Muslim and had said and done some contraversial and seemingly anti-American things since changing his name to Yusuf Islam and oh by the way all that earned him a place on the no fly watch list...which should probaby be a bigger list by say...oh I don't know...300,000 more!

Of course that's a better and more interesting story....unless you would like to somehow take every story you do and spin it to make the sitting president and administration look bad.

I have seen lots of quotes and video from the media hand picked average citizen who use words like "evil", "bad", "mean", "liar" to describe dubya...and have talked with plenty of dems I know who talk about him or republicans in general with vitriol. But you know what I think, the obvious lack of journalistic integrity being displayed by the media, their coordinaton with the DNC to promote an agenda, the desire by many to see more deaths in Iraq to keep their "quagmire" label, the spitting hate mongering protestors in NYC during the RNConv, blah, blah, blah....all tell me these words far more accurately describe those on the left. Isn't it interesting how our the majority of our teenagers and college students are democrats? Why? Because they're too stupid yet to know better...they haven't lived long enough and with enough real responsibility to gain both wisdom and confidence that your own ideas and feelings can forge your positions on important issues. So they're easily rallied to the cause. They are made to be scared that a job will be hard to come by and that republicans and big business want to keep you down. So put us in power and will make sure they put some dollars in your pocket just because you breath.

Sorry....just got carried away there.......

Update 1
I probably wasn't very eloquent with my dribble about why college students are dems/leftist. Well the point was I believe you would be hard pressed to take someone who has enough life experience to form solid positions and opinions on the big things and convert them to a liberal if they were something else. However the idealistic youth are forced to site inside 4 walls and be brainwashed by college professors who are overwhelmingly liberal or maybe more accurately socialist to communist. They're easily swayed, they want to believe, after all these are the pillars of education, thought and knowledge...this must be right. I fully believe you are either born into a democrat family and its mantra is pounded into you at home or if home was something other than a liberal experience you get the indoctrination at college. Those are the only ways you become a liberal....and often the college conversion is part of a rebellion if dad was maybe too overbearing with that mantra. You'd be hard pressed to find a great thinker or intellectual who was a conservative as a mature adult but switches to liberal thought...if you can find one tell me.

Update 2
Thanks to my friend Kurt for giving me this great Churchill quote after telling him about my thoughts on how anybody ends up a liberal.

"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.". Winston Churchill

Update 3
Kurt comes thru again with a link to a great 12 Step Program for Liberals, so if you know any be their sponsor!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'm Changing My VOTE!

I guess I'll change my vote because apparently Kerry, just by being John Kerry, will change the dynamic on the ground in Iraq when he is president! I was wrong about him....can you libs ever forgive me? From an interview by Rogert Siegel on NPR with Kerry yesterday:

I do not intend to increase troops. I intend to get the process in place that I described, and I believe as a new president, with new credibility, with a fresh start, that I have the ability to be able to change the dynamics on the ground.
Yet another reason I'm changing my vote to Kerry...he apparently has sole access to technology akin to the transporter on the Enterprise of Star Trek fame. He has been secretly visiting Iraq and knows beter than the new interim Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allaw, what's going on there and what the impact of liberation by the US has meant!

UN = Useless Nations

Good god is the UN just a stinky turd or what? If you know anybody who still thinks the UN has any useful purpose other than fraud you must read todays WSJ piece by Hoover Institution fellow Victor Hanson titled The U.N.? Who Cares? Two of the most well written bits occur in this article that hit on the war on terror, who the enemy is along with why the UN is Useless. Taken from the beginning and end of Mr. Hanson article:
  • These are surreal times. Americans in Iraq are beheaded on videotape. Russian children are machine-gunned in their schools. The elderly in Israel continue to be blown apart on buses. No one--whether in Madrid, Istanbul, Riyadh, Bali, Tel Aviv or New York--is safe from the Islamic fascist, whose real enemy is modernism and Western-inspired freedom of the individual.
  • Deeds, not rhetoric, are all that matter, as the once unthinkable is now the possible. There is no intrinsic reason why the U.N. should be based in New York rather than in its more logical utopian home in Brussels or Geneva. There is no law chiseled in stone that says any fascist or dictatorial state deserves authorized membership by virtue of its hijacking of a government. There is no logic to why a France is on the Security Council, but a Japan or India is not. And there is no reason why a group of democratic nations, unapologetic about their values and resolute to protect freedom, cannot act collectively for the common good, entirely indifferent to Syria's censure or a Chinese veto.

Reuters Violates its "Trust Principles"

I can barely stand it anymore...the media bias drives me crazy. If you're honest you can't deny how big media has tried to remove legitimacy of the war on terror by referring to what are clearly terrorists (Spain, Iraq, Russia, etc...) as anything (insurgents, freedom fighters, etc.) other than terrorists. Reuters seems to spin the description of every story even if its connection to this war on terror is dubious....although the connection I'm referring to this time may be closer than we think. I'm talking about the story Reuters ran today on Yusuf Islam. Who the F is Yusuf Islam? Well some time back Cat Stevens became a Muslim and is now known as Yusuf Islam. In Reuters story ( they refer to Yusuf at "Stevens" 8 times including the title and say one time he is known as Yusuf Islam. WHAT? He calls himself Yusuf Islam so shouldn't they have called him that in the article while mentioning once "formerly known as Cat Stevens"? And of course there is just no reason for Mr. Islman to have been on a watch list right? Well, James Taranto makes some interesting points in his Best of the Web for Wednesday you should check out

Oh, so back to doesn't take much research to find the obvious bias in what their news service puts out. I believe sugar coating or outright changing a descriptive label of an event or people to promote a certain political view is commonplace at Reuters thus making a joke out of their Editorial Policy found on their website which says "Reuters news operations are based on the company’s Trust Principles which stipulate that the integrity, independence and freedom from bias of Reuters must be upheld at all times. "


The dems and their loyal media sheep are calling the new Bush compaign ad an "attack ad" if its dirty tricks, or below the belt personal, etc.....what a is Bush attacking Kerry being a sportsman? Or is it his votes and position the ads so humerously points out changing with the wind? The truth hurts doesn't it!

Kerry will climb in the polls today!

Since Kerry can't talk today and thus nothing stupid or 180 degrees different from what he said yesterday can come out of his mouth. Result? He doesn't hurt him self and boost Bush....bummer.

WashPost article today calling Bush a flip-flopper is a joke....a lot of the examples are political hot potatoes that were/are legislation constantly under negotiation between both parties. Besides, I only care about keeping a solid, strong and unwavering position on the war on terror and being proactive about combating it ahead of imminent threats....something Kerry doesn't provide as proven by his behaivor and words.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Are Kerry and the DNC this stupid?

As I wait (or wish) to hear Dan Rather has resigned my daily surfing for today's interesting political news has me scratching my head. I don't profess to know what political compaign tactics work and which don't but the stuff coming out of Kerry's mouth and the efforts by the DNC (or their fricking leftest anonymous groups) has me thinking they're just plain stupid. The common theme is "fear".....Kerry suggesting a vote for Bush means a return to the draft is likely!....then I hear of this mysterious email compaign to college students that doesn't just suggest but literally states the the Bush administration is pushing legislation to reinstate the draft. HOWEVER, you pinko bastards, turns out grease ball dem senator Charles Rangel is the one pushing actual Draft reinstatement which isn't supported by Bush or Flipper or any other person in high office with a stitch of power. Also, today I see stories today from the usual "unbiased" (wink) news services about past and current orchestrated efforts to disenfranchise voters....of course black voters. See TASS...oops I mean Reuters ( .

I can't believe the current Kerry campaign tactics are winning over anybody with even a hint of intellect who is undecided...of course how can anybody have been undecided at this point? In fact, what the hell is wrong with me..... if you're so out of touch that at this point you can't decide which candidate has consistent positions and isn't afraid to do what's right for America regardless of what France, the UN or any other country thinks (gee am I obvious?) then you shouldn't vote. You should stay home with your dumb ass head in your lap. Kerry's performance during this campaign is so laughable, especially lately, I bet he has lost some usually loyal dems!

More tomorrow