Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Come Back Kid

From my friend Kurt who is great "right" 2 cents to Kurt's thoughts below are that this is more of Kerry's overwhelming undertone of negativity. His stance on everything is that it is F'd up and it's Bush's fault. Before the real campaigning started how many aspects of American life would you have listed as entirely broken and that are directly attributable to the sitting President versus the Congress and House as a body? Thanks Kurt who writes:

Did you hear Kerry on TV this morning – good morning America or someone? Funny. The press seems to be turning on him a little. The question was asked if it was a good idea to go into Iraq. After a weird answer, the interviewer asked: “So if it turns okay, then it was a good thing to do?” - that pissed him off a bit.

The funniest part is the “I voted for it before I voted against it”. His rationale was that he wanted to make sure that the right taxpayers (e.g. the rich) would pay their fair share of the appropriations. Say what? This is now a tax issue??? He also said it was late and he was tired – later came out that he said that at noon.

Okay, so here is one for your blog that no one is talking about.

Kerry is being pre-positioned for tomorrows debates as the “come back kid” – the guy who is behind, but then in the last couple of weeks comes on strong. (ex. Senate races, the Iowa caucus win, etc).

You can hear it already – wow Kerry did what he always does coming from behind and he did what he needed to do in the debate.

Here is the problem. Is this who anyone wants as a President??? Someone who only does well when he is behind and it is late in the 4th quarter? This is positioned as some sort of virtue? Is this what we want for the US? The “comeback US”

The Kerry Presidency: Ok, economy is in the crapper, we were hit with two more terrorist attacks, the DOW is at 5,000 – but look, Kerry has woken up and now he has a plan and we are going to win!!

We want a president who is tired at noon?Funny also that there are no stories about the fact that he had his prostrate removed. Remember when that was an issue for Bob Dole?

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