Friday, September 24, 2004

Who exactly is the Minority?????

Yet more media bias....the Contra Costa Times thinks you should know that Fewer minorities enrolling at Cal. But if you look at the recent Cal Berkeley press release that was likely used as the source for this story what conclusion would you draw if you had no agenda? Oh, I think your story might be "Minorities Dominate Fall Term Cal Enrollment", or maybe "Enrollment Up For Minorities at Cal", and so on. Fall 2004 enrollment breakdown from Berkeley's release:
  • Chicano/Latino 9.1% (9.3% last year)
  • African American 3.9% (3.6% last year)
  • American Indians 0.4% (0.6% last year)
  • Vietnamese 4.2% (3.6% last year)
  • Southeast Asian 4.4% (3.8% last year)
  • White 30.6% (31.5% last year)
  • Asian 44.8% (44.9% last year)

hmm....from a California state population perspective aren't white students in the minority at Cal? And yes the "white" enrollment at Cal is down, but in fact the groups that we all commonly refer to as monirities are up as a group and represent nearly 70% of the incoming freshman! YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE! In fact the CCTimes story title is a lie, missleading and dishonest...if my math is right in fact minority enrollment is up by 1.2%. But the fact that the monority representation is in fact the overwhelming majority of the incoming freshman makes this a journalistic abortion.

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Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

I think that this article is implying that illegal minorities enrollment is down which would be a shame.

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