Monday, February 20, 2006

What extreme Muslims and Democrats have in common

We see it all the time. A group or a government whose position, or ideology, hangs by a thread and so they attempt to stifle those who expose the thickness of that thread. So weak is their belief in their cause that they abandon their own basic beliefs (e.g. free speech) in an attempt to stop others from hearing compelling thoughts and opinions that expose the thin thread! On the heels of the Muhammad cartoon example (and the MSM's duplicity) we have the Minnesota Democratic Party trying to stop pro Iraq war tv ads by vets and family of the fallen in Iraq -a group called MidwestHeroes. The Democrats calls these ads un-American! If nothing shows just how unhinged these people are nothing else does. Powerline blog and others in the blogsphere are making noise over this incredible situation that goes silent in the MSM and national news. Why? See the ads for yourself. Doesn't matter if you believe some of those in the ads state something you believe to be false, that's free speech! If you see something like this and believe it shouldn't be shown to the public you obviously question the veracity of your beliefs. Its amazing the never ending examples of the party that thinks it has cornered the market on free speech and civil rights is in fact closely aligned with the ideology of radical Muslims.

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