Thursday, February 16, 2006

Black Racists

I always enjoy pointing out those blacks who want you to believe that equality is their mission in life who are in fact racists. While I have only watched Bryant Gumbel's HBO show (Real Sports) a few times I liked the in-depth personal stories of great athletes. I never detected anything that made me think Bryant was a bitter black man, in fact I never saw a black man when I watched him, just a man. Now though, I will see something different. At the end of each Real Sports episode Bryant does a closing monologue and here's the most recent:

"Finally, tonight, the Winter Games. Count me among those who don't like them and won't watch them ... Because they're so trying, maybe over the next three weeks we should all try too. Like, try not to be incredulous when someone attempts to link these games to those of the ancient Greeks who never heard of skating or skiing. So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention. Try not to point out that something's not really a sport if a pseudo-athlete waits in what's called a kiss-and-cry area, while some panel of subjective judges decides who won ... So if only to hasten the arrival of the day they're done, when we can move on to March Madness, for God's sake, let the games begin."

Update (2/17): Was listening to a local talk radio show driving into work and they were talking about Bryant's racist monologue. One of the hosts said he also saw a segment on Bryant's show that gives some insight to the man. He apparently did a 20 minute long tribute to himself where he setup stools and had the reporters from his show face him and tell of their favorite experiences or memories of him. Are you kidding me? What an ass!

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