Saturday, February 04, 2006

The evil among us

You should read Todd Bensman's Hamas's Rock Star piece in the latest Weekly Standard. It's scary for two reasons. I think it's but one example that the evil is among us and the governments inability to do good police work is troubling. In Palestine the election put Hamas in power and with it's supreme political leader being one Khaled Meshal this story is of more interest. You see Meshal's half brother has been living in Dallas for many years...and apparently helping raise some $60M for Hamas terrorist activities (namely focused on killing Jews) since 1989. The half brother, Mufid Abdulqader, was a city of Dallas civil engineer by day and an entertainer at Hamas money raising events the rest of the time. We need to realize that it's unlikely this is an isolated case and Muslims living in our communities are attending similar meetings. And as you would suspect they brainwash their children with their hatred. From FBI evidence of Abdulqader's singing and skits at a meeting put on by his group (the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development) it is noted:

In the videos, masked jihadists in camouflage uniforms march menacingly to the band's drumbeats. Children take the stage to perform pantomime stabbing and shooting motions to the beat. One child points a toy gun at the sky, marching in place on stage. During brief intermissions, speakers take the stage to recite old Jewish-conspiracy canards.

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