Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm inventing a new word...homodisdain! It's defined as "disdain for homosexuality, especially any open display of it". To be clear, this is because I don't fear(the definition of phobia) homosexuals and so don't have homophobia. That's why I would never see Brokeback Mountain. Aside from the story line being uninteresting (to me) the thought of even simulated homosexual sex disgusts me. What's amazing to me is that liberals and many (but not all!!!!) in the entertainment industry think you're being homophobic, or that your "easily offended", if you don't WANT to accept, tolerate or embrace homosexuality. They can't fathom that many people just find it sick, gross, wrong, reprehensible, etc. I found an interesting parallel in this entertainment writers piece called How Gay Will Oscar Go? to the criticisms of Judge Alito. The basic argument against Alito was that he is a conservative person and therefore will not judge a case on its legal merits but instead on his personal ideology. In the case of Brokeback Mountain Nikki Finke wants the academy members who don't want to even view the film to do so else how can they judge it? But judging performance, or art, is all about personal interpretation or ideology. No sensible person would expect me to acknowledge an artist as a good one if I find the material disgusting. If the basic theme of a 2 hour movie really bothered you it's not clear to me you would take note of someone's fantastic performance in delivering that bothersome theme. In fact I think it's valid if you find the story of a movie offensive you don't need to see it to decide not to vote for the movie in any category. But the Oscars isn't really the story of interest's the lack of understanding by the left of why someone doesn't approve of, or want to embrace in anyway, the gay lifestyle. They believe that I must be accepting or be tolerant...ah, NO actually I don't.


Splash Two said...

I think you would have to coin it as "homodisdainian". You should trademark and copywrite it, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Let's try to be a bit more creative and use standard rules of language... the problem here is that we use few Greek suffixes that connote "disdain." Fortunately, there's other languages. German, for instance started the word "Urning".
I'd advocate misurning if you want a reasonably honest word that obeys normal conventions.

Also, I disagree with your assessment on art. I don't care if you like the content of a film, but the quality of it is external to that film. I just saw Gone with the Wind. Possibly one of the dumbest and most offensive movies I've seen in years (even for the time) and yet it is undeniably well acted and well filmed. Despite the horribly racist depictions, I think Gable deserved an Oscar.

Tiny said...

anony....nah, don't like your word...the nice thing about making up words is I get to do whatever I like! But thanks for playing. Fair enough, we will disagree on art. I agree that the an actor may in fact have a supurlative performance regardless of the material...but I choose not to recognize it when the material is either offensive, inappropriately inflamatory given the current world environment (as in the Turkish film Valley of the Wolves Iraq), or when the piece contains lies and claims to be truth.