Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life with a possibility of death

The death penalty in California, and elsewhere, has become a joke....why pray tell do these scum sit on death row for 20 and 30 years, or more, before all their appeals, the "new" DNA evidence, and celebrity sympathizers either present a compelling case for an injustice or not? So now we people, like literally maybe a handful, trying to suggest that lethal injection is cruel or that someone might suffer. Well good, these scum should suffer you peacenik bastards. The always bias press of course doesn't like snuffing out these vile criminals as they imply that the public at large has issues with the death penalty. That's just not so. Take for example the local papers headline of Case speaks to rising scrutiny of lethal injection procedure. Ah, no not really!!! Rising scrutiny? You mean the several doctors and idiots at the prison or the 30 protestors who don't have a day job so stood outside with signs? Which of those would qualify as "rising"? And of course California has no shortage of bleeding heart law ignoring judges as in this case where Michael Morales should already be dead the Mercury News says "Questions of whether some inmates may have suffered excruciating pain while appearing sedate persuaded federal District Judge Jeremy Fogel last week to craft an unprecedented order that legal experts say is bound to have implications beyond Morales." Really? Whose questions? Who said some inmates MAY have suffered? And which inmates exactly? Who witnessed their injections and viewed some signs of EXCRUCIATING pain? And for Christ sake, just give them a horse injection of morphine and they won't feel a damn thing. Arnold you girly man...arrest the F'ing warden at San Quentin for not carrying out the execution!!!!!

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