Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thin skinned masqueraders

Did you know that CNN displayed one (or some) of the oh so awful cartoons but blurred out what are suppose to be Mohammed's head? So this chicken shit PC move by CNN got one political cartoonist to poke fun at CNN. The Beacon Journal's Chip Bok in Akron Ohio drew and printed the cartoon you see here...only to draw criticism from local Muslim groups along with we-pretend-not-to-support-jihadist CAIR. You have to be kidding me? At its best this is a laughable example of being thin skinned. What this instead shows is that supposedly upstanding "normal" Muslims support the fake and manufactured uproar created by extremist Muslims. Since its clear that images of Mohammed have existed for centuries without issue, and that Mohammed's own words allow for non-Muslims to not follow Islam and that Muslims peacefully accept that....anyone not supporting the freedoms, of those who have it, to express criticism of some Muslims is supporting the extremist and terror.

Until a majority of Muslims denounce the hate, the calls for death and destruction, and proclaim that Islam and those who follow Mohammed can and should peacefully coexist with those who do not...until then you're with those who would behead me and I know who will win that war.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting issue that's not getting enough attention. And actually, if the left and right were paying attention, it's the kind of thing that would get us consensus on what America is really about. I don't care how far left or right someone is, everyone has to believe that intimidation and violence are never acceptable responses to free speech. I want to see all the leaders in US government get up and decry this crap. It's possibly the clearest and best distinction between the values of America and the dangerous minority in Islam that is trying to control the destiny of the world. And CAIR is being insane if they think this is a criticism of them.