Friday, February 24, 2006

German Anti-Americanism

I guess at least some Germans, like those on the staff at the German magazine Der Spiegel, have forgotten the American role in WW2 and that they don't have to march straight legged to Third Reich marching music! Or maybe they're still mad at the portrayal of German's in the TV show Hogan's Hereos! (a favorite of mine). Whatever the reason, the Stumme Esel of Der Spiegel printed unmatched English and German versions of an interview with US Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes. Karen answered questions from the magazine in a very respectful and diplomatic way. But Der Spiegel-ista's omitted key words in the German version of Karen's responses changing the tone and meaning altogether. Isn't it interesting that the press all over the world attempts to sway their audience by altering the truth, by in effect censoring select words to truly do a 180 on the intended meaning of the speaker. So fearful are the Schwache Männer of the press to allow the public to not judge people and ideas at their face value!

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