Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Never trust off kilter eyebrows!

I watched the SOTU address by President Bush last night with my brother-in-law. Bush did ok, wish he was more harsh on Iran and the sudden green approach on energy is new. He did a nice job taking jabs at the moonbats across the isle. Cindy Sheehan proved what an idiot she is with her t-shirt stunt. Doesn't matter what the shirt said and it's interesting there's different accounts of that. Anyway, the MSM isn't running the Sheehan arrest front and center...maybe she's lost he media darling status?

My brother-in-law and I started laughing pretty much simultaneously as Virginia governor Tim Kaine was less than a minute into this Democrat response. His left eyebrow would frequently move a good 2" higher than the right one. This would happen on making certain points. Kaine's response was the same old the Bush administration is responsible for everything that's messed up (and there is nothing that is ever going well). Throw in repeated "there's a better way" but as usual for Democrats they never detail the "better way". I suspect Mr. Kaine probably would be a bad poker player as my guess is that eyebrow maneuver is tide to his discomfort with what he's saying (or in this case not saying)...too funny!


Splash Two said...

Man, I miss out on all the fun!

Why do the democrats use unknown politicians to do their responses? Shouldn't it be coming from their next presidential candidate?

Tiny said...

Hey, you chose to live in Chicago!

Good point...why wouldn't Hillary or another front runner Dem do it? Maybe it's considered a loser assignment and nothing good comes from doing it? Also interesting that Rupublican Rep. Bill Young's wife also got ejected for wearing a shirt with a support the troops message. The left can't claim this was silencing an anti-Bush message. Whatever their rules are about wearing any message at such things was applied equally.