Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A book, a rumor and machetes

Leave it to the religion of peace to take a rumor of the miss treatment of a book to encourage some of its angry illiterate sheep to take to the streets with machetes and people die! The MSM is barely covering the continued spiral of the Muslim anger over nothing. The chicken-shit media picks and chooses its stories that suit its political ideology. In a world were an obviously innocent hunting accident involving the Vice President dominates the news and the daily large Muslim protests around the world go ignored. If they didn't include America as a target for their calls of death and if nearly every protests didn't include deaths (and probably those of fellow Muslims) I could understand it. But at this point its clear that a dangerously large portion of the Muslim faithful are misguided, illiterate, hateful and evil. The supposedly peaceful Muslims stand too idle when minute by minute many of us are close to universal condemnation.


Anonymous said...

I agree. However, I think the blame for the lack of education in the Islamic world lies with the regimes of such countries. It wouldn't surprise me, if they deliberately make their populations so ignorent in order to protect the power they have. I don't think if Muslims were educated, any of the dictatorships in the Middle-East would remain in power. These people are incapable of thinking for theirselves, so when an opinion captures their attention, and it sounds good, they simply follow be ause they know no other way.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the violence isn't just from the muslims, Tiny.

Tiny said...

that's what happens in a lawless country...but someone started the fight..a mess for sure