Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meathead? No, more like Dickhead

Tax and spend proponents are bad...whether they're an elephant or a donkey....but rich liberal entertainment industry wannabe political meddlers are the worst. Rob Reiner, aka Dickhead, is a perfect example of intellectualism created by fame and money. He has no clue, and he also seems to be following the typical time honored political horse play that those like him give critical lip service to! Tax the rich and give it, ah, not so much to the poor but to your pals in the form of business. What's worse, is that in the process Reiner is hurting the very tax base his programs try to bilk and thus they disappear. Arnold you better grow a pair and start doing what we thought you were capable of!!!! And I realize Dickhead is a bit crass...but geez, look at that melon...ok, give me at least FATHEAD!

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