Friday, February 03, 2006

The Face of ISLAM


CAUSED: protests in Denmark, UK, SUdan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and more...and they're spreading...many of the protests are thousands strong....and look at the message of these protests!

While there very well maybe good people who are Muslim the most prevalent world wide evil are followers of Islam. The level of reaction to such trivial things as a rumored mistreatment of a Koran, or cartoons considered insulting to the prophet Mohammed, is indicative of a naive and backward group of sheep. The world has passed much of the Muslim world by. While many countries, and religious groups, have kicked and screamed into the modern world most make concessions in order to get along with those more progressive than them. Muslim leaders around the world interpret portions of the Koran as promoting either violence or elimination of others. As some countries in the middle east begin to embrace forms of democracy, elevating the status of women and allowing freedoms not previously enjoyed, the hard line Muslims promote an extreme stance. It's also interesting that the arm of this evil (the terrorists, the suicide bomber, the jihadist) hypocritically embrace practices and freedoms in the locations they are deployed in to execute their evil. I don't care that there are good Muslims in the world.....the evil within, I believe, has metastasized and so it is terminal.

Update: Powerline has a post called Religion of Peace update that's got some examples of what apparently much of the Muslim world feels is a proportionate response to the mild (at best) cartoons. One imam at the Omari Mosque in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that those behind the drawings should have their heads cut off.

Upadate 2, Feb 4th: Hugh Hewitt at first offers a more reserved and maybe more appropriate view than me, but I'm still pissed, then as events unfold gets a bit more heated towards Syria.


Scott said...

It's almost like we're related. Yeah, it's probably a really good idea if we just left these people alone and let them gain some nuclear capabilites...don't ya think?

Tiny said...

Hey Goose2 your blog too! I would laugh about all this if it didn't piss me off so much...look at the outrage for stacking a few muslims in a human pyramid as compared to an old fashion decapitation by sword!

Splash Two said...

I love it! Is there an easier enemy in the world to conduct psy-ops on? You draw a few cartoons, watch the nutjobs come out of the woodwork and pick em off.

Doesn't get better than that!