Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Media's Patriotism

This week has seen an unusual amount of idiotic reporting by the MSM. While the various Cheney hunting accident story lines are insanely stupid, the coverage that bothers me the most is of the new Abu Ghraib photos. This story makes it very clear where the MSM puts their allegiance. The very news outlets who either obscured the Muhammad cartoons, or didn't show them at all, do show these Abu Ghraib photos including those that show explicit nudity. Hundreds of news outlets who didn't show bogusly controversial cartoons have the new Abu Ghraib photos in spades. They protect the fake sensibilities of Muslim extremist but are happy to make the U.S. Military and our country look bad to these very same people. These photos don't add to the old story, that's done and gone...all these do is inflame the hatred of those who would kill us. This helps rally that hatred, it helps recruit new terrorists, it may in fact endanger the lives of the American's in the excuse, no shame, damn treasonous MSM bastards!

Happy to show the photos but not the cartoons: ABC, NBC, CBS (see the Abu Ghraib Interactive link), and CNN

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, this is blatant media hypocracy, and this is proved by the fact that though more abuse is committed against people in countries like Saudi Arabia, less attention gets paid to it. The world only cares because the abuse may have been committed by America and its allies in Iraq.