Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hillary NutJob Clinton

I watched Hannity & Colmes last night and they had video of Hillary speaking at a breakfast at the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. Good God! On the subject of school vouchers she makes the argument that with vouchers some parents may choose to send their kids to White Supremacist or Jihad focused schools. Hey Hill....ah, can you tell us where one of these scary schools is located? And I suppose since there are voucher programs already in place you must have some examples where this has happened? This stand by your man freak is a lunatic. She either is a wack job, if she believes what she spews, or she is the worst kind of pandering charlatan politics has ever seen. Either way she is scary and bad for America. I of course checked the blogsphere this morning to see reaction and sure enough what should be front page news is only really covered in blogland. Michelle Malkin has a nice round up of opinion and a link to the unhinged portion of her speech.

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