Friday, February 24, 2006

Stand Up For Denmark

The MSM ignores the real story here...the squelching of free press and free expression by evil. I presume they either cower under the umbrella of political correctness, or maybe they don't have the twins in their pants to actually stand up for what's right. Today in our capital was a gathering, inspired by Chritopher Hitchens, outside the Embassy of Denmark to show their support. Cindy Sheehan would get widespread MSM coverage anywhere she was with a dozen friends holding up anti-American and anti-Bush signs. What this manufactured Muslim uproar can become is very profound and the silence of those that should oppose it is deafening and heart breaking.


Anonymous said...

How about this for insanity? I'm a strong liberal and I'd disagree with you on a lot, but this is ridiculous. How can displaying the cartoons incite "Islamophobia"? These people are idiots. There's simply never, ever, ever a defense for using violence in response to speech. And there's never justice in stopping speech unless the speech physically hurts others - e.g. child pornography, etc.

Tiny said...

well my anonymous liberal friend...I'm surprised you haven't noticed the free speech hypocrisy that is far more common in liberal circles before now! The ACLU for example has always taken sides but not fighting for the those whose message they don't like. There are tons of it and learn!

Anonymous said...

Wow... even when you tell a conservative you agree with them, you can't win, huh? Jeez. I was trying to say you had the right idea and you jump on me. Ok, then let's debunk your damned assertion here about the ACLU:

Tell me if the ACLU agrees with 1) Oliver North, 2) Neo-Nazis, 3)the KKK, or 4) Rush Limbaugh.

No one should applaud cowardice in the defence of speech. But here, we see it from the right and the left. I see no strong voices anywhere fighting for this. It's not really a partisan issue, although you seem to think it is.

Tiny said...

dude, you're too sensitive! That was jumping on you? I'm sorry, maybe you're smarter than me, how does what you wrote debunk what I said..spell it out for a dumbass conservative! Just messing with ya!