Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who needs details?

You might recall 6 months back, or so, DNC chieftain Howard Dean said the Democrats will have a detailed plan, or message, only a short time before the November 2006 elections. This inability to provide details on how you fix all the things they say the other side has screwed up was continued with the Democrat response to Bush's SOTU speech at the beginning of February. Funny eyebrow man Virginia governor Tim Kaine gave the Democrat response which mostly was just a list of problems he blamed Bush and the GOP for followed by "there's a better way". I'm happy to report the Demoidiots had meetings, focus groups and lots of research and have modified the ever evolving motto to "America Can Do Better", after a brief period where it was "Together, America Can Do Better"! I guess togetherness was something they just couldn't stomach. A new WaPo story suggests to me that details and clarity are very unlikely for the Dems! The head's of this uninspired approach, Reid and Peloci, recently appeared before the Democratic Governors Association where some governors questioned this lack of a message and detail. Apparently Reid and Peloci said they're studying it, trying to narrow the list of key items, etc. Reid and Peloci then gave their differing short list! Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said later: "One of the other governors said 'What do you think?' and I said 'You know what I think? I don't think we have a message.' "

Don't expect the strategy of the last several years to change....at least if Schumer (N.Y.) and Emanuel (Ill.) , who head the Senate and House campaign efforts, have their way! The WaPo says they "believe the November election will turn mainly on how voters view Republicans." So apparently they believe it's enough to just say the other guys is doing it wrong, offering up how it would be done right isn't necessary. There's leadership for ya!

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