Thursday, March 23, 2006

Something smells in the Ivy

What the F is going on with the Ivy League? The Larry Summers deal at Harvard was laughable given what's going on now....ya, diverse opinions are great at our prestigious universities as long as they like those opinions. We have the Taliban at Yale, MF'ing Muammar Gaddafi lecturing on democracy at Columbia, and a dean of the Harvard's Kennedy School of Government writing what is basically a anti-Semitic conspiracy theory paper. The autonomous superior enlightened attitude among the faculty at these institutions is protected by the very large endowments. So, it's up to some big donors to kick some ass! After what will be 13 years of buying a new domestic car each year in the form of tuition to put my two kids thru private Catholic k-12 schools, I'm thankful my list of universities whose yearly nut could buy a new E-class (or better), that I'm willing to pay for, is getting smaller!

I want a new car so I have cars on the brain right now!

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