Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Democrats flinch

Did you have one of those friends when you were a kid who would flinch severely when you faked like you were going to punch him? I wasn't a school yard bully, in fact I was small hence the nickname Tiny. But, I remember a few big mouth childhood chums that would pop off with the mouth but curled up like a sow bug if ever things moved beyond a verbal joust! Well all the big mouth Democrats feel like one of those childhood big talking flinchers right now. Russ "pretty boy" Feingold's effort to censure Bush over "domestic spying" was a political stunt called by Bill Frist who proposed to put the resolution to an immediate vote (just as was done with Murtha's Iraqi pull-out resolution). Democrats dropped their heads, spastically threw up an arm as if to block a blow to the head and blocked the immediate vote. Oh sure, the investigation isn't done yet so a vote is premature they will say! Then so was tossing out a resolution to censure you dumb ass!

And for comic relief check out Texas Senator John Cornyn's website showing the results of Feingold's censure resolution to date....and note his appropriate characterization of the so called domestic spying. Hey Democrats, if you're not ready to put your hands up and take a blow shut your pie hole!

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