Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Liberal Sheep

If you're not from the San Francisco Bay Area you probably will not have heard about the 25,000 Christian teenagers that descended on SF and PacBell Park (I refuse to call it SBC Park, oh wait it changed again to AT&T Park). This is a group, called Battle Cry, of innocent but gungho bible thumpers do not promote intolerance or hate, as many in SF do!

Because the SF Board of Supervisors almost daily tries to turn this once world great city into a homogeneous liberal bastion of sexual deviance, we refer to them as the Board of Stupidvisors. Prior to the Battle Cry group showing up the Stupidvisors passed a resolution warning that this group could "negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city." As a SF Chronicle editorial points out this, and not the Christian teenagers, is the definition of intolerance! It's amazing to me how pervasive the "do as I say, not as I do" charade is among liberals. If you didn't already know it, SF is gay beyond recognition and the city leaders that community identifies with are more intolerant than those they claim scorn them!

Mark Leno, D-SF Assemblyman told some protesting the visiting Christians, that the teenage God loving group were "loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting and they should get out of San Francisco." He apparently later back peddled and said they were welcome in SF but that "under a cloak of love" their message would feed a "fearful world's appetite for hate."

So at first I thought this was just more of the ever apparent hypocrisy we see around liberal and leftists stances concerning free speech and free assembly. Examples come to mind like so many schools (high school, college, etc.) where the administrations have tried to stop such benign groups as student republicans from using school facilities while the gay student groups do so regularly. We can have classroom posters that tell gays they are safe, but we can't even have the Declaration of Independence on that same wall. Military recruiters are not welcome on campus. City offices and rooms available for public use are often made unavailable for what are clearly conservative minded groups.

But then I think there is more than just hypocrisy at work here. It's fear! So many real hard core closed minded liberals (and conservatives for that matter) know damn well they have a lot of sheep followers! The facade of their position is thin! Their sheep are not so rooted, or intellectually grounded, in the stance you put them in. They are so fearful that even a group of their ideological opposites, who they consider crack pots, might put doubt in the minds of their flock! Un-flocking believable! --hat tip to Glock26 for the article.

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