Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome Back!

No doubt you've already heard about the victory for common sense in the form of the SCOTUS decision on FAIR vs. Rumsfeld. The unanimous decision is a harsh rebuke to the enlightened law school smucks who fear the brainwashing of their students isn't resolute enough to withstand a choice on campus they don't align with. From the Dean of one of the FAIR law schools, Dean Dan Polsby of George Mason Law School, commented to Powerline "This is really a stinging rebuke, not only to FAIR but to an entire industry that has become complacent and self-indulgent. Many law professors really do believe, with the late Justice Brennan, that their own strongly-held policy preferences are all encoded somehow in the Constitution. This is a timely reminder that it just isn't so." And was the position of FAIR truly based on these university's issue with "don't ask, don't tell"? Really? Of all the things you could pick on the military about the issue of being openly gay in the military is paramount to university's with law schools?

The gay lobby must be have been at work here...ah, no matter I think Bill Muchison at Town Hall sums it up nicely: "The legal factories demanding the right to protect students from exposure to the idea of a career in military justice thumb their noses at Main Street America. The Supreme Court had to settle this thing? Why couldn't common sense, tinged with some latent affection for our country, have done the job? Because at too many institutions of higher wisdom, you prospect for weeks without striking a vein of common sense. Left wing ideology, though -- plenty of that. "

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