Tuesday, March 21, 2006

French Socialism is still just Socialism

A very good and terse piece by Dennis Prager called "Socialism Makes People Worse" came out today. While those who know me know I don't much care for the French, I seriously do hope for the strangle hold socialism has on them to be broken. As a government economic model socialism has plenty of examples to study that exemplify a long term disaster for what seems like short term gains for the masses. France is suffering from a huge problem with it's youth. The racial, ethnic and religious mix of the 20-ish yr old demographic is only unified by their 23 percent unemployment rate and their entitlement attitude. Prager writes:

These young people in France really believe that they should be able to be hired at their tender ages and that a company must not be allowed to fire them from their first day at work (except "for cause," which, as we are learning in America, is increasingly difficult to establish). In America, most of us would call the French young people's attitudes "spoiled."

Socialism teaches its citizens to expect everything, even if they contribute nothing. Socialism teaches its citizens that they have a plethora of rights and few corresponding obligations --except to be taxed.

The employment sectors in America that still cling to the socialistic notion of labor unions should take note of the situation in France. In the end the attitudes a socialist society creates is more selfish than a pure democratic capitalistic one as Prager points out. When you live your life not striving to be the best, when you make sure you don't work a minute earlier than 9 or later than 5, when outside those hours you relish in complaining about your job or the company that writes your paycheck, you're very likely not going to give a rats ass about anything or anybody other that yourself.

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