Friday, March 10, 2006


Spock's head would have exploded if he was confronted with the ACLU's current lethal injection death penalty lawsuit. Could the ACLU attorney's really be this illogical? This stupid? So let's see if I've got this straight...lethal injection is cruel because it is SUSPECTED that the injectee may experience pain or discomfort. So, a judge orders the prison to make sure that a doctor give a pre-lethal injection non lethal injection of something that will ensure the injectee will feel no pain, no suffering of any type. But the ACLU says we have a right to witness whether or not the lethal injection does in fact cause pain and suffering without the non lethal injection removing that very possibility? WHAT? Is this the most ill conceived stupid F'ing thing you ever heard? This is a legal argument? Boy, you card carrying ACLU members really must be proud of how your money is spent and the great legal minds you have assembled to fight the fight!

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