Sunday, March 19, 2006

Protesters like you and me!

So, with the weekend nearly over the press has done their best to make the global collection of moonbat gatherings to sound like a significant movement against our involvement in Iraq. Of course the real story is what a joke these protests are and that the vast majority of participants are in fact wacko moonbats, gray haired hippies trying to relive the 60's, and young people who undoubtedly don't hold a job and belong to the Jessica Simpson chapter of Mensa...the later demonstrated by the young barret wearing women who doesn't actually know that her peace sign is missing a line and so it's a Mercedes hood ornament! Probably the largest protest in the US was in anti-American San Francisco where the collection of sexual deviants, communists (literally), socialists (literally) are so representative of America as a whole! I love the comments from some of those present at the various protests...they can't understand why there isn't more participation. This illustrates either a problem with intellect or one of being informed. There isn't broad support for a cut and run from Iraq, or for socialism, or for communism, or that capitalism is bad, or (among people who still have functioning brain cells) that Bush is the worlds worst terrorist. And one might ask how many of the 25M Iraqi citizen's protested this weekend?

Update 1: Oh, so since the protest action is weak the media will call it quiet disapproval and that the polls show this. I guess that would be true if polls actually where independent and unbiased with respect to how questions were phrased.

Update 2: Puulleazzzze!..The Associated press tries it's best to give the "tens of thousands of protesters around the globe" some importance. But it's amazing to me that they quote protest organizers who are, in most cases, truly fringe thinkers and so for the press to give the impression that their position has significant support is dishonest. I think the country, and world, would be shocked if they saw bio's on the average protester in the SF or Portland gatherings....the collection of social outcasts, deviants, time travelers, and those who support anything other than democracy would shock most. It's also telling that in this story they get a comment from Cindy Sheehan's boyfriend Hugo Chavez. That's a sure fire way to give your story credibility! Too funny!

Update 3: And then there is "Act Against Torture" who protested today by blocking commute traffic in SF. That's the first sign that they are in fact ignorant for when you F up the commute for us working stiffs on a Monday you pretty much guarantee contempt for your casuse. The second sign of derangement is that this group thinks the US is the worlds biggest regime of torture. Another example is a protestor in know the rough rugid west...where a local women Kristen Shelton of Reno made a protest sign in Arabic in part (she said) to fight the stereotype of Arabs as only being terrorists. She said the sign said "George Bush White House equals wicked evildoer." So instead of offering cogent argument or factual examples that would allow us to decide if someone's is an "evildoer" let's just skip right to the label!

Update 4: Michelle Malkin went to the protest DC where she talked to Mother Sheehan. She asked Cindy (check her site later for video) about the controversy of her not yet putting a headstone on her son's grave....Gee, will the TV movie with Susan Sarandon cover this, or money she's making off her antics, or that she likes people like Chavez, or that she drops F-bombs at these protests, etc. And I thought this pic, that I belive Michelle took, gives us a similar perspective on the protester profile!

And another example of an apparently confused unemployed unshaven youth whose parents are wondering why the college tuitition they provided hasn't given their son the ability to do some basic research (given his vast understanding of Islam and of Ernesto "Che" Guevara). Taken at the SF protest.


Schadenfreude said...

Here's my take. War (or a military action) should be the last option considered. Depending on the situation, you may run through the other options real fast, but intentionally opting to kill the sons and daughters of another sovereign nation is not a choice you should make lightly.

That said, if I were to take a Zogby survey or some other poll, I would say I am against the war in Iraq. However, I would also say that I do believe the action in Iraq has decreased the liklihood of a terrorist action here in the US. Not because I believe there is a direct link between al Qaeda and Saddam's Iraq and being there now presents a direct way to confront al Qaeda, but because Iraq provides a much more accessible target than the US homeland for terrorist and would-be terrorists in and around the region.

So I agree Tiny to a certain extent that the media is trying to find a way to paint mass disapproval despite the low protester turnout. However, I think a true indicator of support for the Iraq war (or lack thereof) is found in Dubya's approval rating that right now rivals Nixon's low point.

Tiny said...

I agree the entry into Iraq was flawed, but think we need to finish the job and while we are at it try to create a democracy where people can also experience free enterprise....once they have a lot to loose they will help us fight the extremist. I didn't think there was any evidence to link Saddam to al Qaeda, but now the captured Iraqi documentation that's being released may suggest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

These people who were protesting because of innocent lives being lost aren't protesting so passionately about innocent lives been lost in say Sri Lanka, Uganda, India, etc. They also don't protest against terrorists who daily inflict civilian casualties. There was no protest against the terrorists who bombed London (England), of course there was full support for them in Spain on poling day. Oh and yes I'll dare mention September 12, 2001, a day in which these same protesters didn't take to the streets to protest against the previous days attack on the twin towers. I could go on, with example after example, but that's enough for now.

Kristen Shelton said...

Dear Mr./Ms. Tiny,
I am so flattered to see myself mentioned in your blog! As a long time reader of nearly three minutes, I find it slightly disappointing that you miss the irony of the term "evil-doer." Please refer to the entirety of Bush's press releases to find background on my ironic usage of the term "evil-doer."

I am glad so few people in the United States read Arabic. I have since actually learned Arabic while living in the Middle East. My Arabic was terrible. I believe the sign actually said, "Great evil White House George Bush." Or something like that. If that indeed was what it said, it was not too far off of the mark either, so I'm not too fashed about it.

Keep up the good fight. Us liberal commies enjoy nothing more than a good argument.

Kristen Shelton, the women from Reno in the rough, "rugid" west.

Schopie said...

Nice of you to cite Kristen Shelton. I am somewhat upset that you didn't quote me, though, with my own cogent argument regarding "long chains of hydrocarbons coming out of the ground."

Maybe next time I go to a protest in the rugid west I will say, "And this one is for Tiny!"

Meighan Schopenhauer