Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chuckaquiddick SCHUMER

Could you imagine what the MSM would do with a story where a prominent Senator was the head of a Republican campaign committee and whose staffer illegally acquired a credit history report on a Democrat opposing one of their candidates? It would be a page 1, TV story one, all out media blitzkrieg! Probably every story would have a Democrat quoting some version of this being just another example of the Republican culture of corruption! If you don't think the vast majority of the Media has a liberal bias then explain to me why this exact story, just replace Republican with Democrat, is either ignored or buried? And why the prominent Senator (Schumer) who head's the Democrat campaign committee, and who the law breaking staffer works for, isn't even mentioned in the WaPo's buried story?

Let's use some liberal logic...if Dubya knew that, in fact, there was no WMD's in Iraq and given all his information on Iraq was second hand, then Chucky Schumer MUST have known (and ordered) his own staffer was breaking the law hoping to find some dirt on the opposition. Gee, the degrees of separation are far less for big mouth Schumer aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

That's about as fucked up as a football bat!