Thursday, March 23, 2006

RESCUE is not the same as RELEASE

I assume the difference between these two words is all over blog land this morning. It is amazing, but not suprising, that the group ( Christian Peacemaker Teams ) the 3 rescued anti-war activists belong to, along with at least the family of one of the rescued, put out statements not using the word rescue and not thanking the British and American special forces who RESCUED them. Michelle Malking has several nicely worded responses to the Christian Peacemaker Teams idiotic press release, this one by her reader Matt L. who wrote to the CPT:

Congratulations on the safe return of your activists. I'm sorry they did not all make it home safely. I read your press release relating the "release" of the activists; please note that they were not released, they were rescued. The term release implies that their captors let them go. You know that is not true, they were rescued by a team of American and British soldiers who risked their lives to free people whom apparently have no gratitude for their actions. It is one thing to be against war and the actions of our military (I'm not justifying that position, just acknowledging your right to it), but another to deny when they SAVED YOUR ASS!!!! Are you so insecure in your position that you think even acknowledging your people were rescued, not "released" would undermine your whole message that the military serves no useful purpose? Actually, I think you are correct in your assumption, so I guess you should stick to your story lest any of your supporters start to use logic and reason to dissect your beliefs. Where would you be then? I guess you might have to begrudgingly join the rest of society who realizes that a strong military is the best defense of a free nation against tyrants and terrorists who are out to destroy us and our way of life. God bless you, and I hope you quit sending your hippies to WAR regions risking not only their lives but the lives of the soldiers who end up having to secure their "release" by RESCUING them.


Schadenfreude said...

OMFG. You're shittin' me. You can still be anti-war. You can still be anti-violence. You can still be a born again pacifist. But if you're really all about love and peace and justice, you have to at least thank these men who put themselves in harm's way to get you out of it. That they carry a gun and are willing to use it should be beside the point. Denying that risk is one of the cruelest injustices on a human level that I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

I think we were wrong to put our armies at risk rescuing people who brought about their own suffering and we should have instead gone and rescued Iraqis who didn't deserve to be abducted.